Submitting a talk for IndiaFOSS3.0

I hope you’re all doing well. This is Anup, a contributor to the Linux Kernel. I’m excited to share that I’m considering submitting a talk for IndiaFOSS3.0. I’m currently contemplating two potential topics, and I would greatly appreciate your input on which topic would best address a significant gap.

Option 1: “Getting Started with Linux Kernel Contributions: Finding Your Path to Active Participation”
This topic centres around the journey of entering the realm of kernel contributions, which differs from other open-source contributions. In this talk, my aim is to guide individuals through the process of initiating kernel contributions. Since this approach involves mailing lists, IRC, and traditional tools, it can be daunting for newcomers. I plan to delve into tools for bug identification, as well as strategies for locating suitable features to work on and understanding the kernel internals to decide your subsystem of interest.

Option 2: “Enhancing System Analysis and Visualization with Linux Perf: A Case Study of Firefox Gecko Integration”
This option is more specialized and focuses on a specific feature I’ve worked on. It revolves around performance enhancement, hardware considerations, visualization techniques, and the creation of a converter. Through a case study involving the integration of Firefox Gecko, I intend to highlight the power of Linux Perf in analyzing and visualizing system behavior.

Personally, I am inclined towards the first topic, as it would cater to a wider audience of budding open-source enthusiasts. However, I am open to your perspectives. If you believe that the first topic might not be necessary or that the audience might be more interested in the second topic, I am more than willing to consider that direction.

Thank you for your insights and suggestions. Looking forward to your input.


Can you only submit a single proposal? Why not submit both and let the organising team decide which of your proposals best fits the theme of the conference?

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Nice Idea though, lets hear from organizer.


You can propose both proposals separately.

Btw, Sai Rahul is part of the organizing team of IndiaFOSS 3.0 :slight_smile:


Ohh cool. Sorry, I didn’t knew that. I will submit both the proposal then