Summary of 1st Member's call on 15th September

Summary of the first members call on 15th September:

1. Member introductions

  • @Krithika_Suri was inspired by the vision of FOSS United, wanted to work with students and help more women enter tech.
  • @Aditya_Sujith_Gudime wants to build a long term institutions, work with students, get involved with policy and build local chapters
  • @idlethread wants to work in systems programming, help students bridge the gap with industry and build interest in systems programming so that we have a steady flow of talent in the domain.
  • @Neha_Gupta wanted to work with women groups, help students and get opportunities to build networks
  • @aadhav is a student who is interested in building “FOSS Labs” (proposal in another thread) and wants to expose students to various niches
  • @Anand is a long time community builder and is excited to be a part of FOSS United and continue his work in building tools for computer education.
  • @WishArya wants to see FOSS United grow so he can have more fun
  • @Sejal_Jain is a student volunteer who likes building communities and is helping with DelhiFOSS
  • @Aniket_Maurya wants to continue to build more FOSS tools and libraries
  • @Kashish_Grover is excited to be a part of a community and wants to be an enabler
  • Ravi wants to build a growing community of FOSS professionals
  • @prasad wants to help more people learn about Open Source
  • @Nafeen joined late and was excited to be part of the community and help in whatever activities that we plan.

2. Events

  • One of the low hanging goals would be to plan more events in more cities.
  • Other than Kochi and Delhi, @WishArya shared that events were being planned in Chennai and Mumbai.
  • @Neha_Gupta suggested that we should have certain “goals” as a community and volunteered to prepare a event calendar till April with @WishArya
  • It was suggested that we should work with colleges and do more talks with students.

3. Mon School

  • @rushabh shared that he will continue to focus on as his primary goal for this year.
  • Also shared that new course creation workflow has been launched today by @jannat and invited people to create courses.
  • @Anand suggested that should have workflows for contributing and remixing content
  • @WishArya shared that FOSS United is in the process of hiring someone to market and build the community for

4. Funds and Fundraising

  • Members inquired about the funding situation and it was shared that operating expense of FOSS United (~20 L / year) and smaller grants are shared between Zerodha and Frappe and larger grant funds are provided by Zerodha.
  • Amit asked there should be specific goals for fundraising. Some ideas shared were:
    • Project funding / fellowships - it was decided that new project proposals will be shared with members
    • Events are self-funding (so far)
    • Study material / online courses
    • Travel budget for professionals going to colleges for events (?)

5. Closing

  • It was suggested that members can think of what role they could play and share in the forum
  • Next called was planned for next month
  • Members shared excitement to see this process kick off!

Clarification: FOSS Labs is not just meant for niches, it is open for all - the main idea is to bring people together to tinker and build some projects! No gatekeeping on the project’s domain.


@rushabh I now have an account here @idlethread in case you want to update the write up. Thanks.