Summary of Members’ Call on 5th November '22

We had a 2nd Member’s call on November '22

Attended by: @idlethread @aadhav @Sejal_Jain @WishArya @prasad @Aditya_Sujith_Gudime @KaranGandhi @mriya11 @rushabh

Summary of discussions:

  1. Giving structure: We discussed how to get more structure to the members program. @idlethread shared his experience from being part of Linux Foundation and volunteered to be the secretary for this group.
  2. Industry Partnerships and Individual Memberships: A rough target of raising 50L from various individuals and orgs was defined. This money would be used to fund projects and events. @WishArya to share a draft deck for memberships. Hiring a full time person was discussed.
  3. Mentorship: @aadhav shared his draft of FOSS Labs and the group decided we could pick up / start a mentorship program in the lines of GSOC - @rushabh shared his experience of running a similar program a few years ago.
  4. Plans: @WishArya will post the events calendar for '23 and @mriya11 will post a plan for Mon School.

Over to Amit (@idlethread) for further updates!