Talks: FOSS Hack 2021

“Why we need Free Software activism even to be a Free Software user now?”
Abstract of the upcoming talk by Pirate Praveen, Debian Developer and Privacy Advocate which is happening tomorrow.

In the initial days of Free Software, getting GNU/Linux installed on your systems were very challenging. Missing drivers for your display device, mistakenly formatting your hard disk, bootloader not configured correctly and many more. But to use Free Software, you did not have to convince anyone else. Now when it comes to day to day communications software, the technical challenge is no longer a big problem. You can install the app from app store with a few taps. But unless you convince your friends and family to switch, you will be mostly alone. So we need Free Software activism, even more than what we required earlier, even to be a Free Software user.

Saturday, 06 Nov '21, 4:00 PM
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“Open source in Mobile Applications”
An upcoming talk by Vishal Nehra, Developer at Amaze File Manager. Join us tomorrow to learn about his project and his journey into open source.
:date: 4:00 PM, Sunday, 07 Nov '21

About Vishal Nehra: Developer, Amaze File Manager. A tech enthusiast, with experience in working on web development. Outside work, you can find him working on new beats and composing music on his guitar and keyboard.

Abstract of the talk: The talk will be focused on the mobile ecosystem, how android came out on the top, the importance of app developers in building an operating system, my own journey being an open-source application developer, the challenges one can face being an open-source mobile application developer, and how you can tackle them.

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