Tasks and Responsibilities Ownership - FOSS United Foundation

Sharing the owners of all programs/verticals at FOSS United. We are looking for people to join us a “Shadow”. To become a shadow for any of these verticals, please reply to this thread. Learn about tasks and responsibilities of each vertical at [Draft] Tasks and Responsibilities Overview - FOSS United Foundation.

A ‘shadow’ will be present for any activity or task performed by the ‘owners’ in a volunteer capacity. After serving as a ‘shadow,’ the individual could potentially be promoted to the role of an ‘owner’.

We have opening for Industry Partnership, Season of Commits and Mon School and Merch Manager.

You can apply to volunteer for any of these verticals here

Existing Owner Secondary Owner Shadow
CityFOSS Conference Ansh Vishal
Platform / Tech Riya Harsh, Mangesh
FOSS Meetups Ansh Vishal
FOSS Clubs Ansh Vishal
Event Grant Vishal Ansh
IndiaFOSS Ansh Vishal
FOSS Hack Ansh Vishal
Industry Partnership Open Rahul, Vishal
Media (Videos) - Editor Ajzal
Media (Videos) - Coordination Ruchika
Media - Articles Vishal
Design - Website Ajzal
Design - Org, Events, Adhoc Ajzal, Jeswin, Jess
Public Policy Venky Rahul
Mon School Open Riya
Community Management Ansh Ruchika
Diversity Ruchika Ansh
FOSS Grants (if resumed) Vishal Vinay
New/Proposed Owner(s) Secondary Owner Shadow
Membership Rushabh
Season of Commits Open
FOSS Awards Karan Vishal
Merch Manager Open
Additional Work Owner(s) Secondary Owner Shadow
Finance/Accounting Vishal Ruchika
Travel / Stay Ruchika
Social Media + Communication Ruchika
Onboarding / Exit Ruchika

@wisharya I am interested in Merch Manager, Community Manager and Design


@wisharya Would love to be a shadow in Platform/Tech and Finance/Accounting.


@wisharya I would love to join as a shadow in travel/stay.


I would like to join as a shadow in tech and mon school


I would like to shadow (in order of preference):

  1. Platform/tech (OR)
  2. Mon School

I would like to shadow community management and platform/tech


Hi Arya and FOSS Team,

I’m interested in shadowing Mon School.

“Learning” is a topic close to my heart & can clearly imagine Mon School filling the knowledge gap between “Platform/ Technologies” and "College Students.

Appreciate everybody’s hard work & effort. Wishing you all good luck !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance !

Cheers ,


Hi, I am interested in being a shadow for finance/accounting, industry partnership and merchandise management.

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Applications for volunteers/shadows for FOSS United initiatives are now open. You can submit your applications here, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Please fill in the workgroup/vertical as per your first preference, we can discuss about other areas you can contribute to once we have a rough idea on applications in each vertical.

cc @Alagammai @sarfarazflow @Aditya_pathak @arjinium @Arya_Kiran @Divv_Saxena @Suslime