Tasks & Timeline - Vishal Arya

To see the updates, please join our team on ‘Plane’ (I’ve just sent an invitation to your email) to view the tasks assigned to me and others at FOSS United. Also, you can view the past tasks on GitHub [inactive now].

Most of my tasks are dependent on various other people.

I work on multiple things, big or small:

  1. FOSS Clubs: This is the latest big program of FOSS United. We need some time before we can come up with a solid roadmap. Each club has unique challenges since we are giving them the liberty to run their clubs in their own way. We just posted this: FOSS Clubs - Plans Ahead .
  2. CityFOSS Conference and Monthly meetups: I’m talking to the city chapter leads and helping them with their queries over Telegram. I understand that we can bring those conversations here as well, but most of the organizers are inexperienced and have social anxiety about discussing in public. This is a major issue we need to take into account if we want to work with them. With the platform coming, we’ll have to spend less time on CityFOSS events and monthly meetups, and we can focus more on the FOSS Clubs.
  3. FOSS Awards: I feel I tried to plan the FOSS Awards in a very short period of time and thus failed to execute it. I’m having a discussion tomorrow with a couple of volunteers to take ownership of it. We’ll post the plans on the forum.
  4. Industry Partnership: This year was an experiment for us to see how it goes. We hired a full-time person, but it didn’t work out, and we couldn’t deliver the partnership deck on multiple deadlines. Finally, we have it ready for feedback - [Draft] Industry Partnership Deck for 2024 . Once we get green signal from the community, we will start reaching out the previous partners and potentials partners.
  5. Writing: I’m starting an article series called 'FOSS for Bharat’ . I was planning to announce it once I post it on a self-hosted instance of Ghost (thanks, @mangesh_x0, for volunteering to host it). The other half, I will spend on the community work I mentioned above and on accounting work. I would try to post at least one article per months initially and will try to increase the frequency. I would like to spend half of my time researching and writing about FOSS and evangelizing it through this article series.

There are various open-ended discussions, such as the ‘Season of Commit’, which I believe need to be owned and managed by someone.

P.S - One of my goals would be to keep encouraging the rest of the team to have more discussions happening on the forum.

Also, please let me know if you are referring any specific task which I might be missing here.


Is there a public view for this?

A lot of these tasks seem overwhelming and open ended. On the whole, I am thinking it might be a good idea to present a quarterly plan on the forum and then make monthly updates against those plans. Maybe we can do this for Jan-March?

@mangesh_x0 @Harsh_Tandiya Are there any way to have a public view of Plane Issues?

This sounds good. We can start with the next quarter.
cc: @mangesh_x0, @mriya11, @Harsh_Tandiya, @ansh, @Ruchika.


Yes, we can.
Platform Tasks: Plane | Deploy

City Chapters: Plane | Deploy


A lesson I learnt as a manager all these years is that measuring the outcome matters, not the efforts. So when you make a plan, make a plan for outcomes - everyone should have full autonomy over what they are planning to execute and then share the outcomes.

Another thing that has worked is a monthly cadence of reporting contributions. Maybe each staff member should do a monthly write up of their contributions. More than accountability, it will give you a framework to judge whether your own efforts are showing results.


This is a great idea, we will start writing monthly reports from now.

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I would also suggest to have weekly catch-up calls starting next month for the working team. Most of our interns work in remote mode. There should be a window for the team to come together once a week and catch-up with each other.

Having a catch-up call setup would help in getting updates, understanding blockers and solving etc.,

We could find a suitable time, a duration of one hour would do, and post updates in forum after each catch-up.

Public deploy is possible now for each project, as @mangesh_x0 shared for the platform and city chapters. Same could be done for other projects as well.

For issues that needn’t be involved in a project can be made individually or miscellaneous. We can make such deploys for each quarter starting from January.


This would be the right time to make a plan for the coming Jan - March quarter.


MoM weekly team meet (27/12/2023)

Agenda: Updates on ongoing projects, operational reviews, and plans

Attendees: @mangesh_x0 @Harsh_Tandiya @Ruchika @mriya11 @wisharya @JESWIN_JOSE @ansh

Design and social media:

  • The team expressed concerns about delayed social media posting. Identified the need for someone to handle ad hoc designs and the need for design work distribution in the team.
  • Due to time constraints and pending work, the team collectively decided to defer the video project of interviews taken at IF3.

Platform Launch and CityFOSS Updates:

  • Discussed progress on the platform launch with a tentative aim for a mid-January launch.
  • Provided updates on CityFOSS proposals and volunteer calls.
  • Riya shared personal opinions on the design kit and outlined plans for its completion. Considered producing the design kit for CityFOSS after the first week of January 2024.

Operational Matters:

  • Ansh and Vishal are reviewing CFP second phase volunteers and conducting shadow interviews.
  • Check on to get the videos from the course creators - Start with Hamdan, Tushar
  • Vishal and Mangesh discussed AWS optimization, emphasizing the need to review usage to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Freezing the IP deck by the first week of January 2024