Techacks 4.0 Hackathon in Punjab

I am writing on behalf of Techacks to express our gratitude for the collaboration during last season’s hackathon (Techacks 3.0) with FOSSUnited. It was an enriching experience that fostered innovation and community growth within the open-source ecosystem.

I am thrilled to share that we are gearing up for the upcoming event, Techacks 4.0, which promises to be a platform for tech enthusiasts to collaborate and contribute to the open-source community while embracing the ethos of learning in public. Building on the success of our previous collaboration, we are excited about the potential impact this event holds for both participants and the broader FOSSUnited community.

Given our shared commitment to promoting open-source initiatives and the power of learning in public,

We are eager to explore the possibility of securing the FOSS United Hackathon Grant for Techacks 4.0.

The fund would greatly assist us in ensuring a vibrant and inclusive event, offering participants resources, mentorship, and opportunities to propel their ideas forward.

Below, I have outlined the key details of Techacks 4.0:

  1. First of its kind Hackathon powered by MLH major-league hacking.
  2. Started in 2019, now we are organizing the 4th season on Jan 19 to 21’ 2024.
  3. We evangelize contributing to Open source, learning in Public, & solving real-genuine problems.
  4. Open for students as well as working professionals.
  5. Venue: Chitkara University, Punjab
  6. Footfall: 500 Participants

Website: Link

The Hackathon revolves around Open source where we will help understand our hackers the power of open source contributions through the hackathon, we have dedicated track, prizes, and speaker talks to emphasise the learning and sharing in public.

We believe that receiving support from this grant would significantly enhance the quality and impact of Techacks 4.0, enabling us to offer an enriching experience to all participants.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with FOSS United for Techacks 4.0 and continuing our shared commitment to promoting open-source initiatives and the spirit of learning in public.