Techacks 4.0: Results

Techacks 4.0 is a 36 hour hackathon organized by various community folks at Chitkara University, Punjab on 19th January, 2024. This was the 4th season of Techacks and we couldn’t believe the amazing response we got for this year.

We recorded more than 3000 registrations from all over the Bharat (India) and few from registrations from other parts of the world. Total 68 team participated and 61 submitted their project on Devfolio.
During the registration we asked the folks to register with a problem statement that is required to solved according to them. Every project in Techacks 4.0 was solving a problem and every team was mentored around their solution to make maximum optimization possible.

We do not have any elimination round as such because it sometimes creates a demotivation spirit among the participants and they do not complete the project.
We had 3 mentoring rounds in which we took average of last 2 rounds for the final judging criteria.

Winner Team: BIT BUSTERS
Project name: Driwake
Github Link:Driwake

Ist runner up Team: Geeks.js
Project name: HealthEase
Github Link: HealthEase

2nd runner up Team: Incognito
Project name: SentinelAI
Github Link:SentinelAI