Technology+Policy course scholarship for FOSS devs

Yes I had

Is there any way to confirm? Since it wasn’t mentioned in the selection mail which seems to be automated

hey, please hold on for a while. Someone from the team will get back to you regarding this.

@Ruchika @ansh

Sorry for the delay here. We have not released the list of selected candidates yet, you will receive a notification from our end if your application is approved.

Scholars for September - November 2023 cohort

Sharing the scholars of the previous cohort.


Scholars for January - April 2024 cohort


Hi Team,
Any udpate for Scholarship for May - July 2024 cohort ?

Hi, we will announce the application for the next in March.

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Hello @wisharya, as of now the newsletter on FOSS United Newsletter doesn’t work because of the recent issues with our instance.

@Sanket_Tambare but you can subscribe from here


Hi @mangesh_x0 , @wisharya ,

Thanks for updates!

Quick update: The issues with old link has been fixed and can continue to be used.

Link: FOSS United Newsletter

Scholarship for May - July 2024 cohort is open now

Applications for the scholarships to FOSS developers for the May to July 2024 cohort of the The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Technology and Policy) at the Takshashila Institution are open now.

In the 6th batch, we are sponsoring 80% (₹26,400) of the full course fee of ₹33,000 for 6 candidates. The remaining 20% (₹6,600) of the fee has to be paid by the applicant. If you’re interested:

  1. Apply to the upcoming cohort (class begins on 4th May 2024, application deadline: 21st April 2024)
  2. In the application form, enter FOSS UNITED in the referral name field, and in the referral e-mail field.
  3. If you are accepted, FOSS United Foundation covers 80% (₹26,400) of the course fee for you.

Important Notice: Please note that this course is conducted over weekends and is quite intensive. It spans three months, requiring participants to dedicate their weekends during this period. Candidates should submit their application only after they are clear in their mind that they can commit their time and energy to successfully completing this course.


Today was the first day for GCPP (Technology Policy) course. Grateful to FOSS united for the scholarship. Looking forward to learning and putting it to good use.


Scholars for May - July 2024 Cohort