Telegram group is private?

I am no longer part of the telegram group (I don’t remember unsubscribing) and the group is private now. Is it correct or something wrong at my end?

It’s a public group -

Can you share screenshot of what you are seeing if you click the group link?

Also, @Dilawar_Singh what’s your telegram id?

Tg username: monsoonman.

PS: TG link at the web doesn’t work for me. It takes me to a public group that has only 1 member! Previously, it would say, “this chat is not accessible.”

“The invite link has expired” is the lasest message if try the link from mobile browser (Firefox nightly).

We are looking into this.

@Dilawar_Singh Can you try joining again with this link - ?

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Thanks @WishArya. Everything look OK now.

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