To colloaborate with FOSS united to conduct a workshop

I am reaching out to explore the possibility of collaborating with FOSS United to conduct a TensorFlow/Debian workshop at College of Engineering Cherthala collaborating with the IEDC cell in the college. Collaborating with FOSS united will be an excellent opportunity to develop an open source culture in the college and it will attract more people to contribute into opensource community. By conducting the workshop, aiming to provide a hands on experience to the attendees.
Believe that this collab will create more interest and exposure to students and attendees towards opensource projects. Looking forward to working with you and expecting to conduct the event at June 17 of '23.

For more contact, please mail me to

Hi @Unmesh,

Thank you for reaching out. We are currently restructuring our grants’ programme, and have streamlined to support more of FOSS Meetups and conferences.

Can you specify some more info, and what would be the form of support that you’d expect. We can discuss this further based on that.