Tools for preparing video demo

Since this is a remote hackathon, we want the participants to submit a demo video of the project by the time the project ends. The video length is restricted to 3 mins. A good demo video is one where there is No gyan, only demo, similar to how show me the code philosophy works.

Screencasting with Audio overlay would work best. You can accomplish this using the following tools. I would personally suggest using OBS+Youtube Studio to record and edit your video. If needed, you can also open a slideshow to streamline the presentation

For preparing your demo video, you can use some of the following tools:

Screencasting and Recording

  • OBS Studio: OBS Studio allows you to capture your screen, camera, presentation, windows and merge them together to produce a recording.
  • Screenkey: Show the keys pressed on the keyboard in your demo.

Video Editing

Presentation Tools

Another solution is to use a video conferencing app with screen sharing and recording features to record the video and upload it to Youtube or any other platform.

Here is a playlist of few of my hackathon/project demo videos:

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to post below.


For quick GIF/WebM screen recording, peek is also nice.

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