Unconference Track at IndiaFOSS

At IndiaFOSS, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem where free and open-source software (FOSS) isn’t just discussed, but celebrated, experienced, and evolved. While the conference talks take the major part, this year we would like to host a diverse set of parallel sessions that emphasize the depth and breadth of FOSS.


Dive deep into specific topics with our extended workshops. Spanning up to 3-4 hours, these sessions will be designed to offer hands-on experience and intensive learning opportunities. Expect to walk away with not just knowledge, but a set of new skills that you can immediately implement.

Project Showcase and Experience Labs

Creators can unveil their FOSS projects/products, offering a deep dive into the features, capabilities, and behind-the-code. This is not just a showcase, but a live demonstration of the project in action.

  • Participants can try out the project at these stations and provide feedback.
  • Set up the project in their systems.
  • The team will help them with basic onboarding.
  • For those interested in contributing, walk them through the avenues that need it.

Installation Parties:

The Installation Parties are where we come together to get our systems up and running with FOSS stacks and tools.

Learning or Build Stations:

A perfect amalgamation of learning and doing. These stations are equipped for both instruction and construction. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new tool, or build something from scratch in a quick way, this should help in a good way.

Community Tables:

The community tables serve as a gathering spot for the community partners of IndiaFOSS, where they can provide insights into their initiatives.

Open Spaces

If you would like to discuss about your favorite programming language, FOSS project or anything that you like, just propose an open space, specify a time to meet and where the meeting is happening. There’ll be enough places at the venue for a small group of people to sit and discuss.

The proposal of open spaces discussions will be open on the day of the conference. (Edited on 23 Oct)

  • The facilitators can sign up for the same at the venue - these wont be happening at the main stages, but come as part of the unconference track.

In essence, IndiaFOSS is more than just a conference—it’s a celebration of the collaborative spirit of FOSS. We invite you to join us, not just as an attendee, but as an active participant. Together, we can shape the future of FOSS in India.


Find the activities in the unconference track at IndiaFOSS 3.0 here: IndiaFOSS 3.0 - Un-conference Sessions

“Unconference” means people can decide spontaneously to talk about something. I hope there is space for that as well!

Yes, we have that. The open spaces facilitate this.