Up to $10,000 grants to build great FOSS [Build India Fellowship]

Through the Build India Fellowship, Devfolio is looking to support top builders under 22 to make great software, with grants of up to $10,000. We’re especially focused on supporting the further (even full-time) development of FOSS projects ready to be taken to the next level. Do check out our launch essay, but here’s an excerpt that sums it up:

“We’ll give you capital, mentorship, network, and help you with anything you need to build great things. What we ask in return is your singular focus on building public good software for six months. Consider this a very high paying internship or one major side-project. Once done, we’ll have micro-funds and companies who’ll see if they want to invest in you and take your project forward. We’ll also have select companies hiring directly out of the program — companies where we know your technical talents will not go under-appreciated.”

Apply solo or with a team of buddies. Build what you want, one big project, or ship fast & make many smaller things — your call. Applications are now open at buildindia.devfolio.co, and we’re hoping to see a bunch of you FOSS rockstars apply!

Do reply in case of any queries or clarifications. If you have any feedback, recommendations, or would like to discuss in further detail, write to us at hello [at[ devfolio [dot] co or get in touch with me directly!

Neil (@neilshroff)


Interesting. Reminds me of The Thiel Fellowship.

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