Upcoming Mon.school Course : Introduction to Relational Database[PostgreSQL]

I have observed a demand for a course that can comprehensively understand databases’ fundamental principles and concepts and how to use queries on top of it effectively.

This course will solely concentrate on the core principles of Relational Databases, specifically Postgres, offering a comprehensive understanding of its essential components.

Course Overview:
The course will commence by providing an overview of databases’ significance and role in contemporary data management. Subsequently, we will delve into the essential principles of Data Modeling and Design, which constitute the backbone of the database development process.

And we will also focus on running queries in the database.

In addition to theoretical principles, practical examples will be employed to enhance comprehension of the concept and some additional exercises to test the current knowledge.

Scope :
This course is created with the aspect of giving an introduction to databases rather than diving deep into all the advanced concepts of databases.

By the end of this course, students will be fluent in using the common relational databases available, create a schema for the custom use cases and refer to the documentation whenever needed.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Relational Databases(Postgres)

    • What is a Database, and why should we learn it?
    • Why use a Database?
    • Types of Databases
    • Introduction to Relational Database(Postgres)
  • Data Modelling and Design

    • Relational Model.
    • What is Normalization in a Database, and What Types of Normalization?
    • ER Modelling in the Database.
    • Need For Data Integrity in Databases.
  • Introduction to Queries

    • Basic SELECT statements
    • Filtering and Sorting Data.
    • Aggregation functions
    • JOINS.
  • Advanced Queries

    • Subqueries.
    • Postgres Views.
    • Indexes in Databases.
    • Transaction and Locking in Database.
  • Postgres Extensions and Features

    • Full-text Search.
    • JSON and JSONB data types.
  • Web Application Development with Postgres

    • Connecting to Postgres from Web Applications.
    • Data modeling for Web Applications.

The content outline is really great!

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