Update on ERPNext implementation at NPOs

  1. Periferry: Periferry have started managing their candidates through ERPNext. We will begin the implementation of the HR module very soon.
  2. Slam out loud: Last week we gave a demo on Employees, Payroll and Salary structure. We will import data to these doctypes this week.
  3. Waste Warriors: We are meeting three times a week with their project champion. Working on loading data and customizing the HR module.
  4. Himalayan blooms: They are looking to manage their inventory. We had a couple of demo sessions on the Manufacturing module of ERPNext in the last three weeks. Currently, they are reviewing the system.
  5. TinkerHub: A project leader from TinkerHub is digging into the frappe framework to implement their custom needs from ERPNext.
  6. Mangalore Surf Club: We are currently working on integrating Razorpay to the ERPNext. No meeting happened last week.

New NPOs

  1. Bhasha Research: Rushabh connected me with folks from Bhasha Research. They wanted a CMS for their various websites. We had a couple of calls with them. The first call was led by @Rushabh. Currently, they are playing with web pages.
  2. Farmhill Learning: We gave them a demo on newsletters. They are also playing with newsletters.

Update Date: 24/05/2021

  1. Periferry: Periferry has started using of ERPNext to manage their candidates, we are doing some modifications in the system as they are learning more about their candidate management process. Also, they have started training their employees to use ERPNext.
  2. Waste Warriors: They have started using ERPNext for daily attendance, leave approval, expense claim, and various other features of the HR module of ERPNext.
    We have also started working on the Donation management system, using the CRM and Non-Profit module of ERPNext.
  3. Bhasha Research: We have started migrating the existing 5 websites of Bhasha Research to ERPNext. Two of them are completed. We are working parallelly on the rest of the three
  4. FarmHill Learning: We have onboarded FarmHill Learning to manage the CMS and Accounting.
  5. Kijenzi: Kijenzi did some customizations in the Manufacturing module with the help of an ERPNext partner. We are looking forward to integrating it to the Frappe Cloud hosted version (since the customization has been done on a separate instance of ERPNext).

TinkerHub, Slam Out Loud, Himalayan Blooms and Surf Club Mangalore: No further updates on these orgs. Either they are still looking into the ERPNext/Frappe or the project champions are not active due to COVID/other reasons.

New organizations:

  1. Sambhavam: Sambhavam help children and adults with autism manage their lives. They are also interested to implement ERPNext to manage their accounting and CMS.

  2. Anandi: We had a demo session on the accounting module last week. They are looking for a system in the Gujarati language. We are looking forward to using the translation list feature to translate the remained English words of the system.

  3. i-Lab: We had a demo session on Accounting and Project module to manage their volunteers.


Update Date: 22/06/2021

New Organization:

  1. Tech4Good Labs: The Mediation Helpline project by Tech4Good Labs is a phone-based service to provide information, counselling,
    distress support and emergency response to informal labour throughout India. We are planning to release the v1 by mid-July with the features:

    a) A log of all the calls (incoming and outgoing) between workers (labourers) and the Tele-counsellor.
    b) Creation of a document having have all the details of the worker.
    c) Creation of a case, once we have all the details of the worker(s) and actions to manage and monitor using the system.

@Sreeharsha_Thanneeru is also interested to help us with this project related to the Exotel integration with ERPNext.

Ongoing Implementation:

  1. Farm Hill Learning: We have created their website using ERPNext, currently working on the gallery page, where we are trying to manage images of various size in a grid and has a zoom-in feature, since I am new to CSS any help would be appreciated. More details on this on ERPNext forum.
  2. Bhasha Research: Migration of all of their websites has been done to ERPNext except the Archival website. For the eBooks, @Anand suggested to use Internet Archive and embed that link to read the books online, here is a sample of that.

NPOs that have started ERPNext for their day to day job:

  1. Waste Warriors
  2. Periferry

NPOs where the implementation is halted/not started yet:

  1. Anandi: They are still looking into the accounting module after the first demo.
  2. Shambhavam: We will start after the completion of implementation at Farm Hill Learning.
  3. Himalayan Blooms: Due to the internet connectivity issue at their place, they are looking for non-cloud solutions to manage their processes.
  4. Slam Out Loud: No response from their project champion since May.
  5. Mangalore Surf Club: No response from their project champion since May.