Use of "AI powered Cameras" at railway stations

So called “AI powered Cameras” are a threat to society as they are built by humans and are created by collecting data which might not be perfectly unbiased, leading to gross injustice and unnecessary detention. This needs to be debated and such actions must be strongly resisted for the sake of equality and freedom of movement(my view).

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Seems like a waste of public money. All AI is going to be surveillance tech and there are going to be huge questions on civil liberties going forward. A large number public places have CCTV cameras so running image recognition is not unthinkable. China already does this IMO.

As an anecdote, Mumbai had installed CCTV cameras to catch traffic violations. Worked for a short while, but then they stopped it or the system stopped working. Right now we are only saved by the incompetence of the state.

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Improper execution will becomes a threat to any society. Actually these are challenges and we have to overcome these challenges by framing proper strategies and policies. Transparency is the key here and governing bodies should take the responsibility to ensure that. I don’t think all the governing bodies are matured enough to execute this technology for the well being of people.
Step by step execution by studying all the consequences and ensuring that it is utilized only for the well being of the society will not become a threat. I think for most of the developing countries this is an off-topic.

Folks, we have an entire project to map this over at Facial recognition is very problematic and is a global problem now.