[Volunteer Call] IndiaFOSS and FOSS Hack 2021

Hi everyone,

We are excited about the second edition of FOSS United’s yearly events, the IndiaFOSS Conference and the FOSS Hack, happening on 23rd-24th October and 13th-14th November, respectively.

To kickstart these events, we have planned a volunteer’s call on 28th August (Saturday), 7-8 PM.

If you are interested to be part of India’s biggest FOSS events, fill this form https://fossunited.org/2021/volunteers

Here is the detailed information deck:

In case you have another preference for the meeting’s time, let me know.

Update: IndiaFOSS 2021 has been postponed. We will start the planning once in-person events starts happening in India

Meeting Room; https://bbb.fossunited.org/b/ana-50t-q3n-pay