What are your thoughts on sustainability of Digital Public Goods and Infrastructure?

Hello everyone,

I am Shailiza and I am part of the Code for GovTech initiative where we are trying to catalyze an open source community around Digital Public Goods and other open source building blocks focused on social impact. The goal is to support organizations developing these building blocks and governments & other adopters using these tech blocks to build Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). By ‘GovTech’, we mean any tech that is helping in better governance directly or indirectly :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from the community their thoughts on how these open source building blocks be maintained and the DPI built by adopters be sustained.


Personal opinion - There are bad players in the Digital Public Infrastructure and Digital Public Goods space but the more I look, the more FOSS-first projects I come across in this space as well. See https://www.bahmni.org/, built by Thoughtworks, which was a FOSS project first and later got recognized as a DPG. But these FOSS projects could definitely do better in terms of being good first-class citizens of the FOSS ecosystem, which is exactly where I see the broader FOSS community (and the FOSS United community specifically) chipping in.

It looks like DPIs and DPGs are here to stay so the only question is if we want to engage with this ecosystem and if yes, how. And again, personal opinion, I lean towards engaging with the community but that’s just my personal opinion and not the opinion of the FOSS United Foundation, let alone the broader FOSS United community.

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If you want to attract community / contributors, list out specific projects and then demonstrate that they are open to contributors. Also need to ensure that changes will show up in production (it is not a dummy / placeholder for a real project. e.g. MOSIP has no impact on the UID project in India as it is a separate implementation)

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