What's next for FOSS United - Open Discussion

I would like to propose an open session on what’s next for FOSS United. On the panel could be people associated with FOSS United (@knadh, Venky, @WishArya, @Anand and myself). And we could brainstorm on what our goals could be, what are the missing pieces and how we could build a stronger FOSS community in India.


Thoughts on FOSS Express:

Few years back, Python Express(earlier called as Python Month) as a platform has connected tutors, colleges/organisations & students.

Volunteers across India were conducting 4-10 workshops every month. This has spread a lot of awareness about Python(and FOSS in general).

Unfortunately, Python Express is defunct now and there is a dearth of such platform.

FOSS United can probably build such a platform to connect all these people.


A simple portal can be built using Frappe with the following features.

  • Tutors, Organisations & Students can register themselves.
  • Organisations can request for workshop on specific dates.
  • All tutors will be notified about the workshop requests.
  • Tutors can be assigned on first come basis(depends on location too).
  • Provide feed back forms for students to rate workshop/tutor.


It doesn’t need heavy funding. Most of the organisations will sponsor for travel & accommodation expenses.

Once we have a good tutors base, we can accommodate tutors from near by cities itself. It will reduce travel expenditures.


We need volunteers to setup the portal, be a point of contact and co-ordinate with stake holders if needed.

Python Month - PSSI
PythonExpress @ Archive
PythonExpress @ Twitter


Mon School could drive that initiative.