Workgroup Roles and Responsibilties: FOSS Hack 2021


  1. Content
    a. Website Content (Ref: FOSS Hack 2020 website)
    b. Email: Participants, Sponsors, Community Partners.

    • Welcome email for participants.
    • Reminder: Create/Join team, rules.
    • Template email for existing and new sponsors & community partners.

    c. Blog Post

    • Announcing the Sponsors.
    • Interesting projects that participants can contribute to.
    • About FOSS in general.
  2. Website
    a. Hackathon page development
    b. Content Updates on the website. Eg:

    • Speakers
    • FAQs
    • Sponsors.
  3. Sponsorship
    a. Reach out to existing and new sponsors.
    b. Follow up and get connected with them till the end of the hackathon.

  4. Design
    a. Create posters/Badge for the hackathon:

    • Badges for each role (hacker, mentor, speaker, jury members, volunteer).
    • Posters announcing sponsors, community partners, speakers & jury members.

    b. Website design
    c. Promo video creation

  5. Outreach
    a. Reach out to existing and new community partners.
    b. Create a list of new potential community partners.
    c. Reach out to colleges and universities and collab with them.

  6. Diversity
    a. Create a list of Women in Tech (WIT) communities.
    b. Reach out to WIT communities and invite them to participate (as hacker, speaker, jury member, mentor).

  7. Speakers Management
    a. Create a list of potential speakers.
    b Invite speakers
    c. Manage the talks.

  8. Mentor & Jury Coordination
    a. Create a list of potential mentors and jury members
    b. Invite them
    c. Coordinate with them during the hack