Your connection to music

Hi all,

I’m wondering what connection you all have with music.
Are you only listening to music or aswel creating?
Do you play an instrument? Which one?
Do you have own music online you want to share with us?

If not, have you ever tried making or recording a song? What holds you back?
Did you know there is lots recording software available in the FOSS ecosystem?

What is missing in the creative production process for you, in order to take the step to create music by yourself via FOSS? How can this community help you?!


For a brief amount of time I studied Indian Classical Music, I started out for the first time learning tabla in my 4th std and since then it has been almost 6-7 years until last year when I stopped. I passed around 5 exams in tabla and around 2 in flute. I never cared about it, my teacher and I used to just appear for the exam just for the sake of it. Though, I never did any kind of a fabulous performance. In tabla, there’s a belief that you need around 3 lives to learn and be able to play good tabla. In the 1st life, you just listen to your teachers, 2nd you complete the basics and learn to the fullest. And, in the last one you are somewhere near to giving a good performance. Classical music is just great!

Yes, in the past when I was in 6-7th std, I used to make endless tries at learning FL Studio. But, I always failed because I was very young to know how to “learn”. All the time, I used to do was open FL Studio, input some music and just keep touching here and there :rofl:. At that time, I did not even know FOSS, so I never experimented with creating music on Free Software.

Yes, I do listen to a lot of music majorly some english classics and these days I’ve started to discover good marathi (my mother tongue) songs from my childhood. I recently got into audiophiles and I’ve been experimenting every now and then with different lossless audio codecs (FLAC, WAV, OPUS) and use ffmpeg to just convert into different formats and try finding the difference in the audio quality.

I do have some videos playing the instruments, but I’m hesitant to share :sweat_smile:. Though, if you know eww, elkowar creates music in his basement while writing code. Maybe, drop by in his DM on discord or any discord server and try talking to him. Not sure, if he uses all free software to record and create music.

Thank you for creating this thread!

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There is a large list of software, plugins, sequencers etc available here: aims to be musician friendly database of linux available software and plugins.

There’s aswel a great forum to discuss about linux music here:

However, as it is a niche, only people busy in linux music production are discussing over there.
Therefore I wanted to spread what’s happening in that niche to the rest of the linux world.

I often hear people say “but I can’t play music” or “I don’t have talent”,…
But that are not even excuses. It’s just: start !
You don’t even have to be able to play an instrument or have knowledge of solfège / music theory. There’s possibilities with sequencers, LMMS, midi, electronic stuff…
Just try it out, layer some things, export it and share!
There’s no need to feel ashamed.

My own music is way from perfect, but I created it for myself in the first place. After shared, I know only a handful of people wordwide love it, and it’s just for those I keep doing it. I don’t want to make a hit, or be famous, only get in touch with others that connect on the same frequency as I am.
There are plenty of free music hosting platforms too, like SoundCloud, BandCamp,…

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