Budget and planning for FY 24-25

Since we are on the verge of starting a new fiscal year, it would be a good time to plan for budget. A budget should essentially be:

  1. Income - where are we expecting income to come from - donations, partnerships, tickets
  2. Expense - what is the expense we are incurring - salaries, travel, events, internships

I think we had done a similar exercise last year, would be great if we can do it this year as well.

cc @wisharya


[Proposal] FOSS United Budget 2024-25


Salary/Stipend Operational Cost
Vishal+Riya+ BoCo+Venky 6700000 Travel / Accommodation 500000
Interns+new joinee+part-time ^ 3419984 Server Bills 120000
Office Expenses 500000
1,01,19,984 11,20,000
Events Scholarship
IndiaFOSS 2800000 Takshashila Scholarship 300000
FOSS Hack 1000000 Diversity Scholarship 200000
CityFOSS (6 events)* 360000 5,00,000
FOSS Clubs
(100 Clubs)*
Event Grant
(e.g. Debconf)
Monthly FOSS Meetup* 300000
Public Policy sponsorship 100000 Total Expense
57,60,000 1,69,99,984


Company Amount Status
Zerodha 10000000 Confirmed
Frappe 2500000 Confirmed
Sensibull 1000000 Confirmed
Diversity Scholarship 200000 To be raised
IndiaFOSS & FOSS Hack Sponsorship 1000000 To be raised
Merch 150000 To be raised
Total Income (Expected)

Individual Salary

Name Major Responsibility Employment Type Salary / month Internship to full-time transition
1 Venkatesh Hariharan Public Policy Part-time 300000
2 Vishal Arya Community Full-time 133333
3 Riya Mathew Tech Full-time 83333
4 Ruchika Bagde Operations & Diversity Full-time 40000
5 Ajzal Design and Video Editing Part-time 30000
6 Ansh Arora Community Intern /Soon to be full-time 15000 66666
7 Harsh Tandiya Tech Intern /Soon to be full-time 25000 75000
8 Mangesh Mane Tech & Community Intern 20000
9 Jeswin Jose Design and Video Editing Intern 10000
10 Jessica Design Intern 10000
11 Karan M Gandhi Content Intern 20000
12 Varshita Social Media Intern 10000
13 Aakansha Doshi Bangalore Community Part-time 20000
14 BoCo / Accounting Accounting Part-time 25000
Salary/month 8,43,332
Total Salary 1,01,19,984

^ - indicates the fact that Ansh and Harsh will join us full-time, in 0-3 months after April 2024.

*- Including the travel expense of intern/full-timer travelling to those events Note that there is extra 5L travel budget allocation for non-FOSS United events, mentor and team travel for FOSS Club events.

Office Expenses: Laptop, Sationary & Lunch/Dinner


Thanks @wisharya

Might also be a good idea for each staff member, or the staff in general to present maybe a broad plan for the year?

Also there should be some accountability mechanism as well. There should be some way for the staff to get feedback from the community as well as the donors. Any thoughts?


Yeah, we should do it.

Can you help us with some reference to work on the individual broad plan? Is there any we can get some Frappe folks’ plan?

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In Frappe, every member writes a Statement of Purpose (SoP) at the beginning of the year reflecting on their last year and what they think is going to matter in the long run.

For accountability, we don’t have a formal review system. People are expected to be self-directed and ask for feedback. For firing, we have a system where anyone can challenge anyone’s position and there is an ad-hoc committee of 5 people (mostly those who know the person’s work) who will decide whether that person should continue to be a part or not.

For FOSS United my suggestion will be:

  1. Everyone in the staff should write their SOP reflecting on how they contributed last year, what worked, what did not work, and how they plan to contribute in the next year.

  2. Feedback should be asked for from the community on how they feel the staff is contributing.

  3. A representative body of the members (if that ever happens) or the board should evaluate at least once every quarter on how each member is doing.


Have been updating this report on a monthly basis. Perhaps this should be done in a checklist sort of way to ensure the tasks are completed.


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