[CFP] Speakers for talks in STIST tech fest

We, the FOSS Club at STIST, are inviting speakers for doing talks on the inter-college tech fest organized by St Thomas Institute for Science and Technology. The fest is open to students of all colleges (no registration fee as of now).

Date: 2024-03-21T18:30:00Z2024-03-22T18:30:00Z
Location: St Thomas Institute for Science and Technology, Chandavila, Thiruvananthapuram
CFP Form: Inter-college tech fest - FOSS Club STIST
Duration for talks: 20 mins to one full day

Anything that confirms to the talk proposal guidelines is welcome. Please see this forum post for more info.


Date changed to 2024-03-14T18:30:00Z2024-03-16T18:30:00Z to avoid collision with FOSS Meet and CET tech fest

Update: the CFP closes on 2024-02-20T18:30:00Z