FOSS Club STIST - Updates

This topic is home to the FOSS Club at St Thomas Institute for Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram. We’ll post the events and activities of the club in this thread.

The Club

The club is open to everyone and do not require any formal process or approval to join.

Core team

Core team consists of 10 members: 4 first years, 1 second year, 2 third years and 3 fourth years. The core members do not have any permanent roles and we have decided that volunteering for roles for each event is better for the team.

The core members were chosen with a two round test including a CryptPad quiz+test and Jitsi interview. The team had an onboarding call to familiarize with the club and introduce themselves.

Plans for 2023

We have prepared a three month plan for clubs from October to December

October – all done


  • Internal events for core team members (Linux installation, git, fediverse, etc)
  • Spread awareness through social media
  • Treasure hunt and game sprinkled with FOSS tech
  • Talk on cybersecurity – we require resource person from FOSSU
  • Get more members

December – 'tis the season for exams

  • Linux installation party
  • Plan for January

October 2023 – Event 1

We did our first event, FOSS101, a talk on FOSS and git and a recipe game to help them understand version control. The talk and game were done by Vishal DS on October 3, Tuesday.



The event was attended by the staff coordinator, HODs of all departments, the principal and members of the FOSS club. The customary speeches and inauguration was done by the principal and HOD of the CSE department. It was followed by Vishal’s talk on FOSS and the club in general. The talk focused on the concept of version control and why it is relevant. Later the audience was divided into two teams A and B and played a recipe game to familiarize them with version control. Team B won🎉 for making the recipe first, and both recipes were later hosted on the website.

The good

  • Good participation
  • There was interaction between the students
  • Almost no expenses for the event, except for printing the poster

The bad

  • Only FOSS club members were given permission to participate, even though the official inauguration was on that day. On the bright side, we got more than 50 members even before the official inauguration
  • We found a CSS bug that prevented scrolling in the website way too late

The ugly

  • The game, which was supposed to select and host the best recipe, had to be stopped midway and the team that finished creating the PR first was declared the winner because of lack of time alloted.
  • Also, we couldn’t host the website live during the event