Course suggestions for Mon School

These are some course content ideas that I feel are good to be on the Mon School Platform.

  1. Getting started with web dev
  2. App dev with flutter
  3. Programming languages 101 - Javascript and any other.
  4. Web dev with Python and Flask
  5. Web dev with Node.JS
  6. Linux command line
  7. Databases 101

More ideas are welcome.
Anyone interested to work on any of the courses can reply to the thread.

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Hey nice list. Iā€™m planning to put out some content, GNU/Linux content as per now. Will it be viable, if I plan for some content related to systems programming or low level stuff in the future?

Thanks Amogh, both courses sound exciting.

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Hi @Amoghavarsha

Great to know that you are interested in creating a course for mon school.
You can plan and submit a course outline here?:

We can get on a follow-up call and discuss this further too!

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Sure, will let you know soon.