December 2020 planning

  1. We are putting forward the idea to create a FOSS pool to start the FU fellowship program to support young FOSS developers.

  2. Plannings on IndiaOS 2.0. We are presenting the idea for the next version of IndiaOS conference. Checkout our talks at IndiaOS 2020,

  3. Weekly blogs based on Interview series with various FOSS developers

  4. A survey with the objectives of understanding what projects our community members are working on, how do they contribute to the projects, how they are funded, how many hours do they contribute, what they’re expecting from FU and a few.

  5. FU monthly call: We are proposing everyone the idea of a monthly meet with our community members starting from December 2020. Suggestions and ideas from different community members will help us to improve our vision as a community altogether to grow.

  6. We will keep a catalog of blogs/news which are being shared on our Telegram group and Twitter on our forum

  7. 12A (tax exemption)

  8. Privacy policy for the FU website

  9. Update the website, home page.

Also, checkout about FU roadmap here in another forum.


@shivam has built a nice system for IFF to capture small monthly donations.

That seems an highly impactful moderate effort win. Even if we can start with monthly Rs donation we will automatically start being accountable to these donors, and building capital will help us run fellowships and other such programs!

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We have started working on the donation page, currently working on the content, privacy policy and terms & conditions.

This is something I was waiting for, because I’m not on Telegram and Twitter.


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