FOSS United [FU] Roadmap

  1. FU Grant: Funding and grants for developers and organizations looking for funding and grants to build high quality FOSS projects in India.

  2. FU Project: If you have a FOSS project, we will be inviting you to use the platform to manage community funds, events and distribution which will help you to drive projects and events

  3. FU Fellowship: We will be announcing a fellowship program for young people who want to build new things.

  4. FU Member: Support FOSS United by donating and becoming a foundation member and get a member listing on

More details will released soon


Might be a good idea to validate each idea by “effort” and “impact” and sort them in that way!

Some other thoughts:

  1. 12A (Tax exemption) - checklist
  2. IndiaOS 2.0
  3. Update the website, home page.
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Here is my priority (effort (1-10), impact (1-10))

  1. FU Grant (2,9)
    We only need to add guidelines for the grant application on our website.

  2. FU members (3,6)
    As @rushabh mentioned @shivam has already built a nice system for IFF to collect recurring donations, we can smoothly implement for ourselves as well.

  3. FU Project (7,7)
    We are working on to apply for 12A Certificate, further we need to build a platform for managing events and funds for the projects.

  4. IndiaOS 2.0 (8,7)
    COVID-19 is the only barrier right now, further we need to finalize the date and venue to start working on this.

  5. FU Fellowship (7,6)
    We need to start creating a FU Pool for the monthly stipend for the fellows.

@knadh @rushabh @shivam @rhnvrm and @everyone, your thoughts?

Sounds good.

That’s quite a barrier :slight_smile: The feasibility and safety of a physical networking event with hundreds of people is questionable. If you can’t network, there isn’t much of a point in a physical conference either. A video conference is, hmm …