Diversity Scholarships Report

We introduced the Diversity Scholarship initiative for IndiaFOSS 3.0 (and beyond) to help aimed at promoting diversity among our participants at IndiaFOSS and future events

This initiative allows organisations ( and individuals) to sponsor tickets, travel, accommodation etc. for students, women and underrepresented communities, fostering inclusivity and widening access to our events.

To know more about the initiative, go through this forum post.

You can support the cause here

Diversity Scholarships at IndiaFOSS 3.0

We raised over 1.55 lakh INR over the course of 2 weeks under this program. Each diversity scholar was eligible to get upto 1500rs reimbursement for their travel and stay, along with free tickets to the conference.

This was primarily done through

Amount Raised 155000
Amount utilised 106,624
Amount left 48,376

The remaining amount will be used to carry on this initiative for future events.
The complete breakdown will be released on the forum along with the IndiaFOSS consolidated expenses soon.

We are in discussions to make this scholarship program more structured and expand its reach to beyond IndiaFOSS. Please drop in your suggestions regarding the same, we are also on the lookout for organisations we can support for future events.


Is there a reason why we can’t distribute this amount among the diversity scholars instead of using it for other FOSS United initiatives?

I’m not sure why this initiative is still open. I was under the impression that this was an IndiaFOSS 3.0-only initiative so it makes sense to close the donation page now that the conference is behind us

Not the impression I got. At launch, the page said that funds were being collected for IndiaFOSS 3.0 and beyond. Unlike typical funding campaigns, an end date wasn’t specified, .

The current title kind of makes it confusing. If the idea is to keep this running, then we’d need bursts of publicity for this @Ansh_Arora

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Yes, the idea is to keep it running and expand the reach of the program beyond just IndiaFOSS, starting with our cityFOSS conferences.

The current title kind of makes it confusing. If the idea is to keep this running, then we’d need bursts of publicity for this

Yes, we are still figuring out how to proceed with this, lesser in terms of raising funds (which we have found is comparatively easier) but as in how to find and reach out to organisations and people we can support.

While the page is still up, we do not plan to aggressively publicise this until we have (1) Used up the remaining funds (for example by supporting people to attend our CityFOSS conferences in 2024)
and (2) Partnered with more such NGOs, and Communities that can help us reach more people.

@WishArya let’s make changes accordingly on razorpay (or pause donations for the timebeing) ?

You can find detailed expense report for IndiaFOSS 3.0 here

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We will use balance amount, 48,376 rupees to increase diversity in CityFOSS conferences.

IMO, let’s pause it for some time until we plan a roadmap for this initiative? If someone else have any comments, let us know.