[Draft] Tasks and Responsibilities Overview - FOSS United Foundation

Tasks and Responsibilities Overview

I and @wisharya tried to write a brief overview about various tasks that the FOSS United team is responsible for. This tasklist can be used by potential volunteers and upcoming team members to get a brief about their respective roles in the foundation.

The current Tasks and Responsibilities Ownerships are listed here.

CityFOSS Conference

  • Point of contact between Conference Volunteers and Design, Tech team
  • Review conference proposals and planning threads
  • Schedule periodic calls with volunteers and keep track of updates
  • Coordinate CFP Review, Oversee marketing, budget and overall activities of workgroups
  • Ensure diversity, standard and quality of the conferences

Platform / Tech

  • Maintenance and Development of FOSS United Platform

  • Tech/platform related support to the event organizers

  • Manage self-hosted applications

  • Participate in community discussions related to tech/platform at FOSS United

FOSS Meetups

  • Oversee planning, documentation and overall logistics
  • Provide necessary support (financial, swags, connections) required from FOSS United
  • Onboarding new volunteers and initiating new city chapters
  • Ensure diversity, standard and quality of the meetups

FOSS Clubs

  • Periodic calls with club leads
  • Oversee events, Projects undertaken
  • Connect leads with mentors and potential resource persons (for events and hackathons)
  • Provide necessary support (financial, swags,connections, mentorship) required from FOSS United
  • Regular evaluation of club and lead activities
  • Onboarding new batches of leads

Event Grant

  • Review grant applications, assess alignment with FOSS United ideals
  • Approval of grants, POC between Applicant and Accounts team
  • Follow up reports, ensuring proper documentation

IndiaFOSS, FOSS Hack

  • Periodic Volunteer catchup and update calls
  • Oversee all workgroups
  • Handle any additional tasks and overall logistics
  • Documentation of entire planning process, and post event reports

Industry Partnerships

  • Reaching out and pitching to potential partners
  • Documenting partners’ requirements and benefits provided
  • Main POC between partner and FOSS United

Media (Videos) - Editor

  • Editing of event highlights, clips, reels etc.

Media (Videos) - Coordination

  • Coordinate with Podcast production/studio, guests, hosts and editors.
  • Coordinate with AV vendors for major events.

Media - Articles

  • Meaningful post event reports on FOSS United blog / personal website
  • Inviting guest authors
  • Regular updates on FOSS United Initiatives

Design - Website

  • Platform design​​​​​​

Design - Org, Events, Adhoc

  • Social media posts for all FOSS United initiatives
  • Ideating design schemes and templates for City chapter and clubs
  • Coordinating with city volunteers for any ad hoc designs

Public Policy

  • Public Policy Roadmap FOSS United's Policy Roadmap (November 2023 to October 2024)

  • Build a powerful voice for FOSS United in policy discussions that impact the Free and Open Source Software community in India

  • Build coalitions with industry, academia and policy makers in key areas like Open Tech, Open Standards, FOSS & Software Patents, to take the FOSS movement forward

  • Mentor a new generation of FOSS Policy advocates

Mon School

  • Manage a workgroup that can review submitted courses and provide feedback
  • Inviting experts to create courses
  • Coordinate course grants
  • Plan interactive course launch activities and marketing for the course.​​​​​​​

@mriya11 is in talks with VGLUG foundation, since we are looking for someone to run and manage the mon.school platform.

Community Management

  • Overseeing the FOSS United community on various channels (telegram, forum, email)
  • Schedule and lead community calls with volunteers and club leads
  • Resolve the queries from the community members on forums, social media, Telegram


  • Coordinate the diversity scholarship program
  • Ensure diversity in events (in terms of participation and speakers)

FOSS Grants (If resumed)

  • Review grant applications and project
  • Facilitate applicant to post on relevant channels for comments from community (forum)
  • Coordinate grant approval, grant amount decisions.
  • Follow ups with the developer

Additional Tasks


  • Monitor event budgets, grants provided, sponsorships and other finance related activities.

  • Coordinate with the finance/audit team and approve reimbursements etc.

  • Monthly payments of the AWS, Linode, Google Workspace, and ad-hoc payment like Swiggy, Zepto. T-shirt, Stickers and other orders for the events.

  • Coordinate/Follow-up with the Industry Partners or sponsors for the payment and invoice

  • Use and manage the credit card and prepaid card wherever required . Submit bills and vouchers with the accounting team. Coordinate with the accounting team for recharge.

Travel / Stay

  • Look into travel and stay bookings for the FOSS United team/ Volunteers travelling for FOSS United related activities and events.
  • Coordinate with the Finance team for travel/stay reimbursements.


  • Being a POC of FOSS United with the OASIS Coalition

Social Media + Communication

  • Strategy for the engagement on the social media channels
  • Handling communication for FOSS United programs, meetups, conferences on email and social media


  • Actively document plannings,internal and external meets etc. related to all major FOSS United initiatives/events/programs
  • Reports on major initiatives

Eco Friendly Events

  • Coordinate with LBTC team and train volunteers in each chapter
  • Ensure low waste efforts at all events
  • Coordinate with Cutlery banks,food vendors,volunteers

Employee/Intern Onboarding & Exit

  • Create the onboarding and exit checklist
  • The checklist would have ToDos like (this is incomplete, need to work on the complete list):
    • Work/Get on the Job Description, Share in our community and community members
    • Schedule Interviews
    • Communication with the application wrt to the status and further process
    • Send offer letter/rejection email
    • Create org email id.
    • Give access to required systems
    • Delete the org email Id
    • Share internship completion certificate / LoR
  • Follow the checklist during the onboarding and exit process

New Proposals

These are some future initiatives, programs and responsibilites that will arise at FOSS United and should be taken up by new/existing members


Season of Commits

FOSS Awards

Merch Manager

  • Coordinating with city chapters/club leads/event grantees for merch orders
  • Coordinating with audit team to review finances for merch
  • Customer support for merch store (missing/delayed orders), returns,shipping
  • Marketing strategy for foss merch

Let’s also link the ownership breakup too?

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