First Quarter (Jan - March 2024) Plans for Tech/Platform

While some of the tasks are done collectively by @Harsh_Tandiya @mangesh_x0 and @mriya11, a few are taken up as individual responsibilities, and projects. The main task concerning the quarter is the platform release, which due to unforeseen circumstances, led to a delay.

Collective Tasks

  1. Platform release

    • Fixed for Feb 7th - the release of public alpha.
    • The release would have the features put in before.
  2. Collaborate with community volunteers and FOSS Club leads and make onboarding and event hosting a smooth experience for them.

    • A rough plan is to set up calls for onboarding (general walk-through in community calls, periodic short calls and one-on-ones as it demands), newsletter for individual onboarding and make demo videos of event admin dashboard usage.
  3. Make documentation.

Individual Tasks and Projects

Riya Mathew

  1. Few features in the platform to be worked on after release:

    • Hackathon organisers’ and team dashboard features, to help organise FOSS Club hackathons ( first release would only have FOSS Hack versions as featured hackathons)
    • Some level of data migration after release, from other connected apps. Those not done in first release
  2. Make new updates to Mon School

    • Workflow to onboard organisations who can create their courses and curriculum.
    • Alter the course creation workflow.
    • Close the follow-up on current WIP courses and grants.
    • A few others to be structured.
  3. Deploy the almost finished instance of our gpt based search tool.

    • All of us use ChatGPT heftily at work, so to optimise cost, and make it more usable, I’ve attempted to take API keys and write a search tool for the org, inspired from a few others found in web.
    • PS: This is long pending, and would close it this month-end.
  4. Create processes for tech-working - guidelines and a mini constitution-like experiment, that would help us in day-to-day referencing, reporting issues, follow-up etc.,

  5. Experiment with self-hosting, start with a few we need at work. (Personal skill building too, with Mangesh and Harsh)

Harsh Tandiya

  1. Feature addition to the platform:

    • Working on FOSS Profile integrations (Github, Medium etc.)
    • Event dashboards in a better way.
    • Refining the platform to be better, plans to be made post-release retro.
  2. Taking more ownership on the platform project.

  3. Migrate some of the features in LMS that are only specific to Mon School.

  4. Experiment with self hosting.

Mangesh Mane

  1. Platform updates:

    • Work on the maintenance of the FOSS United Merchandise Store, after introducing it in first release.
    • Setup and develop workflow for generating automated invoices in the platform (needed specifically for IndiaFOSS 4.0)
  2. Structuring and planning about the Student Internship Program

    • A new initiative which is being planned internally as of now.
  3. Explore different tools which would help us in scaling and improve our workflows on the development side.

    • Like docker and try to make use docker to run frappe bench as a container.
    • Self-host some resources we need with Riya and Harsh
  4. Analyzing the AWS resource consumption and try optimising as per the need.

Alongside, we would also be following up with the volunteers who’ve shown interest to volunteer in the tech-side soon.


A few comments

What exactly is “documentation” here? Is it “Developer Documentation” or “User Documentation” or both or something else entirely?

Meta comment :

How is “Make documentation” planned at the moment? Is this going to be a concerted effort spanning multiple days at a stretch or is this going to be spread across all of the available time until the public alpha?

In my personal experience, Documentation is a living thing and keeping specific goals/outcomes/targets/expectations for Documentation ensure that checkpoints are available for the team. Without specific goals/outcomes for the documentation, documentation will always feel incomplete and will become a bore to work on.

I vaguely remember there being an announcement regarding Mon School course funding being halted. Are all of these tasks still relevant given the changes around Mon School?

Thanks for taking the time to put this together @mriya11 @mangesh_x0 and @Harsh_Tandiya . Updates on this thread as the quarter passes will be greatly appreciated!

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Please keep updating the staging setup so people can start testing and reporting issues!

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My apologies for the extremely delayed reply @rahulporuri - i was inactive on the forum for a while.

Make documentation in this context refers to usage documentation - guide to different processes in the platform - profile creation, process to start / join a new community etc. this is the what our immediate intention is - which may evolve with time.

Yes, definetely - course grants maybe frozen, but we would like to maintain Mon School as a platform, and have some ideas rto work around it - will create a detailed excerpt when that is finalised.

Updates on this thread got stalled for a while, when were checking on the platform release updates.

A major update on the platform: