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Core Team Structure

The establishment of the core team is presently pending, primarily due to unavoidable college activities, such as elections and mid-semester examinations. Nonetheless, we are actively involved in the process of selecting the core team, adhering to the following proposed structure:

There will be two main teams: the Core Team and the Member’s Team. The Core Team will consist of an equal number of individuals with expertise in the following domains:

  • Managerial Backbone
  • Tech Folks
  • Creative Ones
  • Word Spreader
  • I know everything

For each event, a unique combination of these core team members will be assembled into an Atomic Team and tasked with organizing the specific event. This approach ensures that multiple Atomic Teams can concurrently manage preparations for various events.

We initiated the submission of Core Team forms around October 3rd, and the submission window remained open until October 18, 2023, due to the aforementioned reasons. Over 50 individuals completed the form, with some expressing interest even after the closure. Currently, we are in the process of conducting interviews for Phase 1. Our goal is to select approximately 15 members for the core team and 5 for the members’ team from the first round of interviews.


Three-Month Plan


  • Introduction to FOSS and FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani: A concise session designed to acquaint participants with the principles of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the objectives of FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani. (Completed)
  • Deployment of Core Team Forms (Completed)
  • Establishment of Social Media Presence and Promotion of Club Activities and Updates: Social media accounts have been created on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Discord. Plans include the creation of Mastodon and IRC channels in the subsequent months as club activities intensify. (Completed)


  • Core Team Interview Rounds - we had 30 min one-on-one interviews for each applicant, results Underway.
  • Announcement of FOSS Evangelist (FE) Program: The FOSS Evangelist Program involves the selection of a committed student passionate about FOSS and its applications. The chosen student will act as the official representative of FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani at their campus, promoting club events and actively participating in networking opportunities. The program aims to develop marketing proficiency, enhance event planning and execution skills, and contribute to the FOSS community’s growth within the campus.
    Promotion of the program is planned to start soon. No additional activities are planned due to end-of-semester examinations on campus.


  • Core Team Training: Training the core team for the Linux Installation Fest and familiarizing them Forum, Figma, FOSS principles and the ideals of FOSS United.
  • FOSS 101 (Online Event): An online session featuring speakers providing an in-depth introduction to FOSS, programs related to FOSS, the role of the community, and the impact of FOSS projects.
  • First Iteration of Monthly FOSS Day: A comprehensive summary of the month’s events and achievements, encompassing activities on our campus, FOSS Evangelists’ campuses, awards for Contributor of the Month and Project of the Month, an open speaker forum, promotion of next month’s events, and the latest FOSS trends and news.
  • Commencement of Activities on the FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani social media, YouTube Channel especially, including features such as “FOSS Alternative of the Week” and “FOSS Fridays” (news related to FOSS).
  • Project: Initiating the planning and execution of our first project.

January 2024:

  • Linux Installation Fest (Offline Two-Day Event): – Day one focuses on introducing participants to Linux, its benefits, reasons for choosing it over other alternatives, and information about the best Linux distros for beginners. Distinctive distro booths during the event will showcase core team members with different distros on their devices, providing insights and assistance with installations. – Day two covers Linux Ricing, helping participants interact with the terminal and gain a basic understanding of Linux usage. A small Linux Ricing Competition with prizes for winners will be conducted. Support from FOSS United, including swags and monetary assistance, is sought for this significant event.
  • Monthly FOSS Day

Intro to FOSS and FOSS Clubs Session ( 03/10/2023 )

A concise session conducted to familiarize participants with the principles of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the objectives of FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani.


The goal was to simply introduce folks to FOSS and FOSS Clubs


Mode of event

online (due to college elections)


Almost 50 people attended the event.


Subroto Banerjee and Vishal Kashyap ( FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani Leads )

Promotional Poster


FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani Core Team Recruitment

The recruitment process is over and we have selected folks out of the applicants for the team.

Recruitment Process

  • We first released a form, where people had to fill their details, domains, answer 3 questions and submit their proof of work in the mentioned domains.
    form link -

  • Shortlisted Candidates were sent emails where they could select a time slot for interview

  • The candidates were interviewed on said times, focus was put upon their past experience in FOSS, their understanding and vision and willingness to give back to the community.
    Their past experience in event management, community activities, leading communities / clubs / teams were also taken into account.


  • Individuals were judged on the basis of their experience in community activities as well as skill and experience in their said domains.
  • based on this the following Team Structure was formed -
    • Core Team: Comprising individuals with a wealth of prior experience in event management, community activities, and leadership within a community, club, or team. Their exceptional passion for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and its evangelism is characterized by a unique and visionary approach. Members of the Core Team bear the responsibility of active participation, oversight, and management of all club activities throughout the year.
      Total 7 folks were offered position in Core Team.

    • External Core Team: Comprising individuals with lesser experience in event management, community activities, and leadership roles. Their responsibilities include dedicated focus on specific club activities and projects, aiming for excellence in execution. Organized into Atomic Teams, each team concentrates on a distinct activity, facilitating the planning of concurrent events. External Core Members actively contribute to events on an individual basis, enhancing their involvement and experience in a step-wise manner.
      Total 8 folks were offered position in External Core Team.

    • Fresh Faces: Encompassing individuals with minimal to no prior experience in event management, community activities, and leadership roles—essentially, newcomers whose standout enthusiasm has earned them a place in this team. Members of the Fresh Faces category contribute to events by assisting Core and External Core Team members. Simultaneously, they engage in a learning and growth process, gaining valuable experience. Like their counterparts, Fresh Faces are also organized into Atomic Teams, each focusing on a specific club activity.
      Total 8 folks were offered position in Fresh Faces Team. This comprised first years who are still in their learning phase but wish to contribute.

What is Atomic Team and Why ?

An Atomic Team will comprise 5-10 External Core and Fresh Faces Team Members, forming flexible combinations, each possessing expertise in distinct domains such as Management (Managerial Backbone), Creative (The Creative One), PR and Outreach (Word Spreader), Technology (The Tech Folk), and one with the ability to assist in all four areas (I know everything). Each Atomic Team will focus on a specific club activity, enabling the planning and execution of multiple activities simultaneously. This structure also facilitates the execution of activities even in the absence of some members due to unavoidable commitments, thereby allowing members the flexibility to take a hiatus.


A poster was released announcing Interview Rounds Commencement.

Further Plans

An onboarding call will be done within next few days to discuss plan for the year and familiarize the team with ideals and principles of FOSS United and provide them the FOSS Handbook and other materials.