FOSS Club IIT Bhilai

This is the forum thread for everything related to the FOSS Club at IIT Bhilai. one of the 12 clubs established in the first batch of the FOSS Clubs program by FOSS United Foundation.

The purpose of this thread is to post updates on the club activities, event plans/reports, and projects undertaken by the club.

Team Structure

The team consists of 14 people in total (including the lead)

Domain Split of the core group being

5 Dev
2 ML
2 DevOps
1 Outreach
2 Creatives

The three month plan in detail is as follows:


Conducting interviews for the club
Onboarding the core team
Getting required approvals


Conducting Intro to OpenSource session
Conducting Linux Installation Party


Inviting a guest speaker keen into opensource for motivating the students
Collaborating with OpenLake at IITBh to conduct FOSS Overflow (a winter of code program)

Event Report 1 : Intro To OpenSource

We conducted an introduction session for beginners who are interested in OpenSource but dont know how to start.

Event Structure

The event was thought of as an mechanism to solve some queries that everyone starting confronts and therefore the event was tactically made in such a format that would answer all these questions.

  • What does Open Source mean?
  • Some major OpenSource tech you use daily
  • Why OpenSource at all?
  • How does OpenSource work if no one pays?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Can I also contribute to OpenSource
  • How to start?
  • What is a license?
  • Some cool OSS programs
  • Q/A

FeedBack Analysis

The Bad

  • The event was mainly targeted towards first and second years, so those who were from third and fourth felt a bit missed out.
  • The event was 2 hours long, so was a bit tough for everyone to sit through it

The Good

  • The general consensus was very good with everyone having great clarity.
  • We were bombarded with questions in Q/A showing the peeps were genuinely interested in OpenSource after the session.
  • More than 150 people showed up, which is significant considering only 600-700 students are present in IIT Bhilai.


  • Keeping sessions short and crisp.
  • Letting the peeps know the exact target audience or having more inclusive events

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Event Report 2 : Linux Installation Party

we conducted a linux installation party for those who wanted to get shifted to a linux distro but were either not able to or afraid to or just werent able to fiddle around.

Event Structure

  • The event primarly introduced everyone to which exactly Linux is.
  • Why to shift to a linux distro?
  • What changes we might make in your laptops (in case someone wanted to back off).
  • One-on-one mentorship onto how to install.
  • Some basic commands
  • A bit of scripting

FeedBack Analysis
The overall feedback for the event was highly positive. Though the number of attendees were a bit low (~30) but this limited audience allowed the core team to handle just 2-3 students each and because of that they were able to not only teach them how to install linux but also some tips and tricks .

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FOSS Overflow Event

Event Description and Proposal :