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About FOSS Overflow:
FOSS Overflow is an open-source program hosted by OpenLake IIT Bhilai, designed for open-source enthusiasts and beginners eager to enhance their development skillsets through hands-on experience. This program is a Winter of Code initiative that not only nurtures talent but also prepares mentees for prestigious programs such as Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Linux Foundation Mentorship, and Outreachy. Over last 2 years, we have got more than 500+ applications and have selected around 25+ people for being a mentee at FOSS Overflow. Also over the past two years, FOSS Overflow has had the privilege of sending more than 10 mentees to participate in GSoC.

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Event Goals:

Learning & Skill Development: FOSS Overflow aims to provide a platform for aspiring developers to learn, grow, and gain hands-on experience in open-source software development.

Community Building: The program facilitates the establishment of connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about open source, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

Preparation for Prestigious Programs: FOSS Overflow mentors guide participants to become competitive candidates for programs such as GSoC, Linux Foundation Mentorship, and Outreachy, by imparting the necessary skills and knowledge.

Hands-On Experience: The projects undertaken during FOSS Overflow also mentees to work on actual code bases with a lot many people therefore learning the technical flows etc.

Collaboration and Mentoring: Participants receive mentorship from experienced contributors, including past GSoC students, in order to build sophisticated and high-quality open-source software.

Program Benefits for Participants:

Connections: Participants will have the opportunity to make new connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for open source.

Perks: FOSS Overflow provides participants with a cash award of ₹10,000, along with exciting goodies and certificates to recognize their hard work and dedication.

Mentorship: Experienced mentors, including past GSoC students and regular open-source contributors, will guide and support participants throughout their open-source journey.

Preparedness for GSoC 2024: The program equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in programs like Google Summer of Code, Linux Foundation Mentorship, and Outreachy.

Real-life Projects: Participants will work on projects with practical applications, making a meaningful impact on real people and educational institutions.

Collaboration: FOSS Overflow emphasizes collaboration, helping participants learn how to work in a team and create sophisticated software under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Event Format:

Duration: The FOSS Overflow typically spans a month during the winter season between December and January.

Project Selection: Participants are assigned to open-source projects under the guidance of mentors, with a focus on projects that offer hands-on experience from OpenLake.

Regular Check-ins: Mentors and mentees engage in regular check-ins to track progress, provide guidance, and ensure that participants are on track to meet their project goals.

Mentorship: Participants are provided a one to one mentorship from talented students who have already excelled in this field.

Mid & Final Evals: At the end of the program, participants showcase their work to the open-source community and are evaluated whether they passed or not.

Collaboration Required from FOSS United

We look forward to include FOSS United in this journey and contribute with some goodies for the participants and the mentors.

The event usually sees around 15+ mentees and 10+ mentors .
Would love to have foss united onboard with some merch.


Requirement: Speakers for Inauguration - FOSS Overflow.

Brief Introduction To Event For Speakers
FOSS Overflow is a winter of code program akin to GSoC, specifically designed for enthusiastic beginners venturing into the field of development. The program starts with a period of 15 days during which potential candidates are encouraged to contribute submit proposals for projects within the selected repositories. Following a rigorous selection process, 12-15 mentees are chosen to work on their respective projects for a month, guided by experienced mentors with backgrounds in GSoC, LFX, MLH, and more. Additionally, mentees receive a decent stipend and a swag kit as tokens of appreciation. Over last 2 years, we have got more than 500+ applications and have selected around 25+ people for being a mentee at FOSS Overflow. Also over the past two years, FOSS Overflow has had the privilege of sending more than 10 mentees to participate in GSoC.

Talk Details

  • We are not limiting in terms of topic of the talk, could be anything dev related.
  • Talks should be somehow related to OpenSource.
  • Preferably talks should be beginner friendly considering the program
  • Duration of the talk shall be 25 minutes - 45 minutes.

When though?

  • Estimated Date : 16th December
  • Venue: Virtual

Already Onboard

We require only 1 more speaker right now.

UPD1:: We are full now! Thanks

What is the target audience and what might be there interests ?

The target audience includes primarily undergrads from 2-4th year, so can be termed as beginners.

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As discussed in the meeting, FOSS United will be sending out merch to selected mentees and mentors of the projects.

Finalised Event Structure

  • 12 Mentors
  • 12 Mentees
  • Stipend of INR 5k for mentees.
  • Goodies including tshirt from FOSS United, FOSS Overflow tshirt, FOSS Overflow Hoodie, stickers from GDSC, FOSS United, OpenLake for mentors.
  • Goodies including tshirt from FOSS United, FOSS Overflow tshirt, stickers from GDSC, FOSS United, OpenLake for mentees.
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Event Update 1

Inauguration - 16th Decemeber 2023

Speakers included
  • Harsh Mishra :
    GSoC Admin for Moja Global org, Works remotely for a Swiss open-source startup, Localstack, acclaimed with 50k+ stars on GitHub.

  • Sonal Goyal :
    Founder of Zingg.AI, A firm building Open source identity resolution.
    Esteemed Alumni of IIT.

  • Chinmay Naik:
    Founder of One2N, Assisted startups in growing from initial stages to Series A and beyond.


The event was attended by 125+ unique attendees from all around the country.

  • Chinmay focussed on using technologies and not sticking around one single tech, using languages as tools but understanding the underlying concepts and utilising them instead. Learning through using opensource tools.

  • Sonal focussed on how to cross the inferiority complex of getting better in development, how to get tinker and learn slowly and gradually an then make your way forth.

  • Harsh elaborated on major OpenSource programs including GSoC, MLH but also on how to see beyond these programs like working with various orgs, on bounties and developing solutions yourself and earning through sponsors and grants.

  • After that the event admins (Tushar Bansal and Madhur Jain) elaborated on FOSS Overflow and how the program helps out beginners and the whole structure of the program.

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Event Update 2

End of Proposal Phase (6th January 2024)

  • 12 Mentors selected out of 30+ responses from ex-GSoCers, ex-GSoC mentors, MLH fellows etc.
  • ⁠We ended up with ~60 proposals, which is decent ratio considering 400 people on the server
  • ⁠⁠40+ proposals went through the whole flow (i.e. review from mentors) and weren’t rushed.
  • ⁠⁠Considering we are taking 12 mentees, our acceptance rate will be 20% this time making FOSS Overflow a bit more competitive gradually.
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Event Update 3

Selection of Mentees (9th January 2024)

12 Mentees were selected out of 40+ responses.

These selections were made on the following criterion:
  • Quality of proposal
  • Depth of timeline
  • Ideas for the project
  • Issues and PRs in the proposal phase
  • Familiarity with the project
  • Willingness to contribute
  • Communication with mentors

Event Update 4

Bonding Phase (10th January - 15th January)

In the bonding phase, one on one sessions were conducted between mentees and mentors to grew them more familiar with each other and make mentees more comfortable.

Meets were setup between mentees which would work with each other. And a common proposal was requested to make them work together and draft a common aim for the projects at the end of the program

A talk session was also conducted with
  • Anand Chowdhary (CTO Pabio, Forbes 30 under 30)
  • Kumar Shivendu (SE at Qdrant, GSoC@Software Heritage )

gracing the stage.

Event Update 5

Coding phase + Mid Evaluation

Mentees were evaluated on basis of work done till the mid evaluation phase, though none were eliminated but a few were given warning.

There were 3 categories

  • Going great
  • Needs to be more serious
  • Lagging heavily

Out of the 12 mentees, 7 fell in going great category, 4 were in need to be more serious and 1 was in lagging heavily.

This was notified to the mentees through emails and were given mentor feedbacks as well. Though, none were eliminated, the message to gear up was sent to peeps falling in the bottom 2 categories.

Event Update 6

Final Evaluation (Feb 20th)

Mentees were asked to submit the following:

  • A final report of their work
  • A blog of their experience
  • A feedback form for the program
  • A feedback form for the mentors
  • Address and payment related details

Mentors were asked to submit the following

  • Final review of the mentees
  • Final verdict of PASS/FAIL for each mentee
  • A feedback of the program
  • Address and related details

This also marked the end of the program, I would like to also voice my gratitude for the opportunity to be program admin of the esteemed program and support from everyone at FOSS United, especially @ansh for his help throughout the campaign. Hope I did a decent job in posting out updates of the program here too.

Some stats from the feedbacks received.