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February :smiling_face_with_tear:

Goal-Driven Triumph: Navigating Challenges to Success by Jobin Selvanose on 2024-02-02T05:30:00Z2024-02-02T07:30:00Z


  • Session was supposed to be about developer habits and mindsets
  • Some miscommunications ended up in the talk being solely about motivating students to set a goal, make money, etc.
  • Speaker seemed a bit too confident and went on talking about the usefulness of money, high paying job, etc.
  • Talk deviated towards “success” and other stuff
  • Might have affected our “image” as a club
  • Anyways, the tea and snacks were good and the QA was useful.


  • Students get bored when session is too long, even when tea break is given in between
  • Students decide whether to engage/concentrate or snore from how they perceive the first few minutes of the talk

This happens, following the CFP model (or just reviewing the content beforehand) should solve this to some extent.

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March Tech Fest stuff

The college is conducting a 3-day inter-college tech fest on 2024-03-14T18:30:00Z2024-03-16T18:30:00Z (moved due to conflicts with CET fest and FOSS Meet). The FOSS Club is organizing the following events:


  • 2 persons willing to give a talk

Sent an email today

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It is sad to hear this report. I should have this reply because I have tagged and used images in this forum.

Sorry If I didn’t have a session about OSS, But while discussing it before the month I said that I would take some general topic.
This was my reply when it said the most students are not aware of code.

Then can we have an general topic? Which is like how to become better developer or some kind of habits/mindset shift? But its not related to oss

So taking technical sessions is not better for the audience, that’s why I prefer to speak about some good habits and mindset that help to achieve goals as a developer.

The topic of money is just a module I talked about.

  • Skill Based Economy
  • Money
  • Types of Skills
  • Passion
  • Timeline cycle of growth
  • Goal, what is a goal and what is not a goal
  • Possibility and Probability
  • Affirmation and vision board
  • Discipline equals freedom
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Work Ethics
  • Habits
  • Perception equals reality
  • Internal and external perception
  • Networking and its important
  • Q&A

These are the modules I took, every module I took was exampled and talked retable to engineers and developers. So sorry to say that I was not only talked about misconceptions about money and high-income jobs. That was just a module and I literally spoke only 5 - 7 minutes. The only problem was I took this topic to the wrong audience. I had taken the same session to a group of college students and it was very interactive and that was for monetary benefits, I think the session happened on STIST was the wrong audience and was not serious and 90% was not interactive to open-ended questions.

Sorry if these comments hurt anyone. but this is the reality. I said my session would not be FOSS related and It was a voluntary session without looking for any benefits. The time I spent between my schedule and shared values is my contribution. Glad to know the Q/A helps but it seems only 2 -5 minutes Q/A.

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Yukthi’24 - College tech fest

The FOSS Club conducted talks, a competition and a linux installation party as part of the first college tech fest.

March 15, Friday

  • How we cloud connected our maruti dzire, and how you can too by Vishal DS, STIST – cancelled due to delay in Yukthi inauguration and speeches
  • Why and How of FOSS by @wisharya, FOSS United
  • Digital security and state of internet shutdowns in India by Kiran S Kunjumon,

March 16, Saturday

  • Prav Messenger: Convenience, Privacy and Choice by Ananthu C V, Debian Maintainer
  • Open Data: An Introduction by Athul R T, FOSS Enthusiast
  • Exploring Self hosting by Advaith Narayanan, MITS FOSS Club Lead
  • SegFault – CTF+Treasure hunt based competition using CLI tools and clues on paper

March 17, Sunday

  • Linux installation party


  • All sessions were awesome :partying_face:
  • Timings got delayed, and participants weren’t happy with that
  • Some participants came just for activity points (KTU students get points for participating in talks and workshops and they are mandatory for getting college degree)
  • Many people who registered didn’t attend the sessions
  • Sessions were interactive, and many participants talked with the speakers, which is unusual in our college

Things we learned

  • Too many events are not manageable
  • Most people attend tech fests with an aim to either have fun or learn new stuff but not both
  • Many college students care more about activity points than learning new stuff
  • Students are more interested and attentive when new ideas are presented in a way they can relate to