FOSS Hack 3.0: Results

We are delighted to announce the results of the third edition of FOSS Hack, which was conducted in a hybrid mode this year on 4th-5th March 2023.

Lots of exciting projects were built or extended during that period. The jury has evaluated all the submitted projects and selected some based on various factors, including technical complexity, completeness, product thinking, utility and viability. Out of 172 submitted projects, 16 of them are featured here.


Helios - by Ronan, Darpan and Ashwin - ₹1,00,000:

A 6-degree-of-freedom rocket model is a simulation that accurately models the motion of a rocket in flight, taking into account atmospheric conditions, turbulence, and aerodynamic parameters.

Jury Notes: Rocket model simulator to accurately predict trajectory, apogee, and other parameters of a rocket during flight.

Raven by Nikhil, Aditya and Janhvi- ₹1,00,000:

A work messaging tool. It is designed to help teams collaborate.

Jury Notes: Simple, open-source team messaging platform similar to Slack. It is built using the Frappe framework and can be installed in existing Frappe/ERPNext instances.

API Dash by Ankit and Ashita- ₹50,000:

A cross-platform HTTP Client that can help you explore APIs.

DISS-lexia by Maheswaran, Avinash and Joel - ₹50,000:

A Chrome extension for those suffering from Dyslexia to read websites easily.

VSCode Advanced Search by Shivendu, Abhinav and Ambar - ₹25,000:

A VS Code extension that allows users to do a structured search on the code and replace it.

Quick-Wictionary by Keerthana, Prabakaran, Ram and Soundarya- ₹25,000:

Browser extension to get the meaning of a selected word from Wiktionary.

Open Assistant Safety Team by Jithin and Shahul - ₹25,000:

Datasets to build a safety model for OpenAssistant(an open-source alternative to ChatGPT). The goal of this project is to flag potentially malicious user requests and nudge OpenAssistant to respond appropriately.

Kukkee by Anand - ₹10,000:

A meeting poll tool.

Snipd by Alaap, Chanakya, Yathin and Aditya- ₹10,000:

Browser extension to annotate and organize notes, articles, and PDF files across multiple web pages.

Waymond by Vishnu - ₹10,000:

It is a simple hack that monitors the number of docker containers running for a given spec and deletes/starts containers if there are more or fewer containers than the ones specified in the specs. Similar to Kubernetes. It was implemented in go and it can be extended to support autoscaling AWS nodes etc

Spell4wiki by Manimaran, Kanagasabapathy and Seenuvasan - ₹10,000:

Mobile app for uploading audio files to Wikimedia commons and Wiktionary-based multilingual dictionary.

Vizhi Tamil by Khaleel, Hari, Vignesh and Ponneelan - ₹10,000:

Android application for visually impaired individuals.

Wiki-Bulky by Viji, Kowsalya, Deepak and Dilip - ₹10,000:

Bulk download of media files from Wikimedia commons & Bulk upload of words with meaning to Wiktionary.

DNArchery by Mufeed, Vivek and Vishal - ₹10,000:

A DNA Sequencing/Visualization software for bioinformatics research.

Cherava by Roshan, Sudev and Ajay - ₹10,000:

Zero code web scraping automation tool.

Adding QUIC as transport for rumqtt by Devdutt Shenoi- ₹10,000:

The MQTT ecosystem in rust

Closing Notes

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the volunteers, mentors, speakers, RV University, industry partners, community partners, jury members and project partners who have been a part of FOSS Hack 3.0. Without your help and support our event wouldn’t have been possible.

We thank you for your contribution to making FOSS Hack 3.0 a success. Your dedication and enthusiasm towards the cause are commendable and we are grateful for your commitment.

FOSS Hack 3.0 was an exciting event with many new ideas being implemented that has enabled us to take one step closer towards achieving our mission of creating a free and open-source culture in India. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you as we get ready for the next edition of the IndiaFOSS conference in October 2023!

Jury Panel

We had @knadh, @Anand, @idlethread, @Rushabh_Mehta and @Anil_Gulecha in the jury panel.