FOSS Meetup Chennai - September (30/09/2023)

This forum thread contains information about the September 2023 meetup of FOSS United Chennai.

Date - 30 September 2023
Venue - FeOS Technologies
No 5, 4th St, Soundararajan Nagar, Keelkattalai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117

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Timings - 10AM - 12PM
RSVPs and CFPs are now open.

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Please RSVP only if you are sure of attending, we have very limited capacity at the venue.
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CFPs and RSVPs are now closed.
CFP review process has started

Post Event Report

The good

  • FeOs Technologies was a huge help. The agreed to give us a place at last minute and also arranged snacks and tea for the participants.
  • very low effort meetup, most of the volunteers were busy with indiaFOSS and our FOSS drive in October so we didn’t quiet get to spend a lot of time planning this. But everything went smoothly overall
  • We got our first women speaker organically,without any invitations from our side.
  • Participants were very interactive. The meetup extended by 2 hours since everyone kept chatting (not sure if it’s a good or bad thing )

The bad

  • The venue location was not that accessible for most people.
  • We didn’t schedule the talks well due to which we had to extend the meetup by a substantial amount of time.
  • CFPs submitted were not detailed due to which the review team was not able to decide on the speakers. We had to reach out to the speakers and ask them to provide more context on the talks which delayed the speaker selection and announcements process.

The ugly

  • No women attendees except for the speaker.