FOSS Meetup Mumbai: April 2023

MumbaiFOSS meetup will be happening on 29th April 2023, Saturday.

If you want to speak at the meetup, please reply to this thread with the following details:

  1. Topic Name.
  2. Brief about the topic (with a link to the project/source code).
  3. Expected duration of your talk (20ish minutes).

Venue: Frappe Technologies, VidyaVihar West
Time: 2-4 PM

D625 Neelkanth Business Park, next to Vidyavihar Station

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I would like to present a talk!

The smartphone market has matured drastically over last 10 years and in today’s day and age smartphones are becoming affordable for most of the Indian population. There are a huge number of options available with almost any configuration one can think of available as an Android smartphone, generally from a Chinese manufacturer. I would like to present a talk about using RISC-V based chips in indigenous smartphones.

Lava, Micromax, etc. are attempting to innovate in the sector with the “Blaze” & “in” series respectively. However, I feel that open source hardware & software (eg. feature additions to AOSP) would benefit this initiative greatly. The government has also announced serious investment into our indigenous semiconductor industry, and is also investing in RISC-V with the DIR-V program. I am eager to be a part of a national effort to build India’s own silicon and put an affordable, performant, yet reliable smartphone in every Indian’s hands.

More about this: My perspective on the opportunity for a RISC-V based budget smartphone in India

Soham Kulkarni


Hey Folks,

I would like to give a talk Titled : “Freddy - Block Programming for Micro-controller based Robots”

This is a project that my friend Soham and I have been building and hacking on.
We have bodged a platform where in you can drag and drop blocks of code
(just like Sratch) and it will run on any micro-controller supporting uPython.
This project aims to make programming (more like basic logic building) fun for kids through some physical robot sort of interface.
Imagine LEGO but software.
We find it cool, hope you will too :slight_smile:

Repo Link : GitHub - arunmathaisk/Freddy: Codebase for block programming
Contact :


The venue has been finalized at Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Neelkanth Business Park, D/324, Vidyavihar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086.
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I would like to present a talk!

Title: From Code to Content: A Software Developer’s Journey into Blogging

About: The talk focuses on easy actions that everyone may follow to begin their path of blogging and content creation. I’ll discuss some of the misconceptions I had about blogging and how they were dispelled as I began posting more. All of the myths about blogging should be dispelled by the end of the discussion. I’ll go over some of the steps I took when I first started blogging that led to me being named HackerNoon Contributor of the Year in the Learning Category. We will go over the four primary topics in blogging: writing cadence, topic selection, writing location, and audience reach.

Reference: How I Got Started with Blogging as a Software Developer


I would also like to propose a talk.

Title: Efficiently caching Geospatial data

Brief: A few friends and I were working on an API written in Rust that queries OpenWeatherMap (OWM) and aggregates weather results for a simple weather app that we were working on. However, OWM has limits on the amount of free queries per day, and the response takes a while (> 1000ms) so caching seemed the obvious solution.

However, since we were dealing with geospatial data (primary query parameters being latitude/longitude), caching using lat/lon as a key is highly inefficient. A person 5 metres away from their previous position would not hit the cache and instead make an expensive call to OWM.

This talk will explain how I implemented efficient caching for this data using K-dimensional trees.

Repo: GitHub - SphericalKat/rust-weather-api

Expected duration: 12-15 minutes



Call For Speakers for the first edition of FOSS United Meet-up in Mumbai is now closed.

Excited to have you there!!

Could you please mention the title of your talk in the way others did ?

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Title: The opportunity for a RISC-V based budget smartphone in India

Announcing the Speakers for our upcoming FOSS United Meet-up in Mumbai :tada:

Meet-up Duration: 2:00 PM - 4:00 pm.
Venue: Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. VidyaVihar West, Mumbai