FOSS Philosophy references in literature, art

I hope this thread is relevant to the purposes of the forum.

I want this thread to document references of philosophies of FOSS - “freedom”, “openness” etc., - from literature, arts, cinema etc. I hope it would help in introducing newcomers to the philosophy.

Here’s a submission to begin with: Margaret Atwood’s Freedom - It starts with an essay - we’re double-plus unfree

The author comments on the digital surveillance. She compares the growing number of “IDs” to that of cattle being ear-tagged. I’m sure you’d relate to recent data breaches of DigiYatra etc., after reading this essay.

The book then follows up with selected chapters from two of the author’s novels - Handmaid’s Tale and Hag-Seed. These chapters focus on freedoms of the characters in those stories.


This book helped me build vocabulary of FOSS. It has good details on history and economics of FOSS movement. I found it as a very good introduction to the subject.

Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software by Nadia Eghbal | Goodreads

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