IndiaFOSS 2022: Open Spaces

India FOSS 2022 is around the corner. Apart from talks in the schedule, there will be a lot of opputunities to interact with other participants, start informal discussions.

If you would like to discuss about your favorite programming language, FOSS project or anything that you like, just propose an open space, specify a time to meet and where the meeting is happening. There’ll be enough places at the venue for a small group of people to sit and discuss.

The open spaces can be announced on a whiteboard at the venue. If you already have an idea for an openspace, please announce it here by replying to this thread.

While there is no restriction on when can you have an open-space, the second-half of the day might suit better as most of the talks are scheduled in the morning.

If you have any questions about open spaces, please ask here.

Open space topic - AMA with Vinay Keerthi and Aniruddha on enterprise readiness of Rust.
Day - Saturday, 23 July.
Time - 12:00 pm
Moderator - Vinayak Hegde


Open space topic - Neovim
Day - Saturday, 23 July.
Time - 3:00 pm