Volunteering for FOSS United Conferences

Volunteering for FOSS United Conferences

This thread serves as a reference for people looking to volunteer for IndiaFOSS and CityFOSS conferences.

The workgroups mentioned are specific to IndiaFOSS but mostly apply to all our city conferences as well.

Volunteer onboarding is done in two phases, for remote tasks (designs, marketing, etc.) and logistics/venue related tasks respectively.


  • We expect the volunteers to have a basic understanding of our vision of promoting Free and Open Source Software (and Hardware).

  • Try to put in 3-4 hours a week; this might slightly increase for some workgroups as we get closer to the event.

  • Be consistent with the deliverables expected.

  • Inform the team about any other commitments you may have, or if you will be unavailable for a certain period of time beforehand.

:rocket: Work Groups

Phase 1

  1. Marketing

    • Manage social media accounts and engage with the audience
    • Work with the design and content team to ideate posts.
  2. Design

    • Create graphic designs for promotional materials
    • Design event banners, flyers, and other visual assets
  3. Community Outreach

    • Reach out to relevant communities to promote the event
    • Collaborate with local organizations and groups to increase participation
  4. Speaker Management (and outreach)

    • Reach out to potential speakers for the event asking them to apply for the CFP.
    • Maintain back-to-back communication with selected speakers
    • Resolve queries via emails
  5. Diversity

    • Ensure diversity and inclusion in the event.
    • Implement strategies to attract a diverse range of participants and speakers
    • Manage the Diversity Scholarships Program
  6. Video Editing

    • Edit and produce videos for event promotions
  7. Sponsorships

    • Identify and reach out to potential sponsors for the event
    • Manage relationships with sponsors and resolve queries
  8. Content

    • Create and curate content for event website, blog, and promotional materials
    • Develop engaging copy for social media posts and email newsletters
  9. Community Outreach

    • Reach out to relevant communities to promote the event
    • Collaborate with local organizations and groups to increase participation
  10. Parallel Sessions’ Management (and outreach)

    • Look for and reach out to communities and individuals who can host parallel sessions like workshops, project showcase, experience centers etc.
    • Curate and manage parallel sessions for the conference like workshops or experience labs.
    • Maintain communication with the session heads and navigate necessary arrangements for them
  11. Tech

    • Working with the developers team on the website and event platform (Our tech stack is tailwind, vue and frappe)

Phase 2

  1. Venue Management (Local to Bengaluru)

    • Find vendors and coordinate to arrange materials like AV, tables, chairs, and other essential goods.
  2. Space Management

    • Curation and management of activities happening at the open spaces.
  3. Travel Desk (Local to Bengaluru)

    • Curate the list of travel modes to the venue, and accommodation spaces near to the venue, for publishing.
    • Handle queries and perform coordination for attendees.
  4. Hosts/Emcees

    • Hosting the talk sessions happening parallelly in 2 audis.
  5. Production Volunteers

    • Find vendors and coordinate to arrange:
      1. Livestream for the event.
      2. Recording of talks
      3. Photography and videography
  6. Managing Ad-hoc Jobs

    • Managing miscellaneous requirements.
  7. Volunteer Manager

    • POC to manage and coordinate between volunteers of all workgroups.