Industry Partnership Manager - 1 Month Plan

Proposal Overview: Comprehensive 1-Month Plan for FOSS United’s Industry Partnership Manager

This document outlines a comprehensive 1-month action plan for FOSS United’s Industry Partnership Manager (IPM), aimed at strategically collaborating with industry partners to enhance resources, propel FOSS projects, and amplify the organization’s impact.

1-Month Plan: Industry Partnership Manager’s Focus

  1. In-depth Exploration: Immersion in FOSS United’s projects, goals, and existing partnerships to pinpoint areas for potential industry collaboration.

  2. Research and Analysis: Conducting meticulous research to identify industries aligning with FOSS United’s objectives, with a focus on potential partner companies.

  3. Tailored Outreach: Initiating personalized outreach to key decision-makers in identified partner companies, highlighting FOSS United’s mission and value.

  4. Building Rapport: Engaging in detailed conversations to make partners understand our value propositions and why we want to onboard them as our partner, laying the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.

  5. Getting to know our current Industry Partners: Deepening understanding of existing partners to strengthen relationships and explore new collaboration opportunities.

  6. Conversion of IndiaFOSS 3.0 Sponsors to Industry Partners: Nurturing leads from IndiaFOSS 3.0 sponsors to explore extended collaboration as industry partners.

  7. Finalizing a new and refined deck for FOSS United Industry Partners: Creating an updated presentation to effectively communicate FOSS United’s value proposition to potential partners.
    (You can find more information: MOM Industry Partnership Deck Revamp)

  8. Tailored Proposals: Developing partnership proposals customized to specific projects, anticipated outcomes, and resource-sharing models.

  9. Collaborative Discussions: Engaging in comprehensive discussions to address inquiries, concerns, and refine partnership details.

  10. Community Alignment: Presenting finalized proposals to the FOSS United Community for approval, ensuring alignment with organizational strategy.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Partnership Identification: A refined list of potential partner companies aligned with FOSS United’s mission.

  2. Engagement: Meaningful dialogues with industry players showcasing FOSS United’s value proposition and understanding their interest aligning with FOSS United.

  3. New Partnerships: Establishment of strategic partnerships for project advancement and community growth.

  4. Strengthened Alliances: Deepened relationships with existing partners leading to long-term collaborations.

  5. Elevated Visibility: Increased recognition in tech and open-source communities through enhanced partnerships.

  6. Enhanced Resources: Improved financial stability through secure funding for FOSS initiatives.

  7. Heightened Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration between FOSS United and industry partners resulting in joint initiatives.

  8. Impactful Sponsorships: Successful conversion of IndiaFOSS 3.0 sponsors into long-term industry partners.

(Sorry if i missed some announcement, but what’s the context behind this?)

Is this something you are proposing to do yourself over the next 1 month?
or something you wish someone would do?

i find the “expected outcomes” very vague.

These do not appear to be objectively measurable -

refined list, meaningful dialogues, deepened relationships, improved financial stability, enhanced collaboration,

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Thank you for your question and insights. I appreciate your engagement and the opportunity to provide some context behind the 1-month Industry Partnership Plan.

To clarify, the plan outlines a strategy that I, as the Industry Partnership Manager, am proposing to undertake over the next month. The aim is to strategically collaborate with industry partners to enhance resources, propel FOSS projects, and amplify FOSS United’s impact. I believe that by establishing clear objectives and focused actions, we can achieve significant progress within this timeframe.

Regarding the “expected outcomes” section, your observation is valid. I understand the importance of having objectively measurable goals. As I am still working on refining the plan, I’ll ensure to include specific, quantifiable metrics that allow us to track and evaluate our progress more effectively. Your input regarding measurable outcomes is crucial, and my aim is to aligning the plan with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals.

The collaboration and feedback from the FOSS United community are invaluable in shaping this plan, and I appreciate your attention to detail. Please feel free to share any further thoughts or suggestions you may have as we continue to enhance the plan and ensure its effectiveness.

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Excellent initiative. :clap:

Thank you. :saluting_face:

One other thought.

Having S.M.A.R.T. goals will help focus/measure outcomes.
However, having heard of / seen a few such initiatives in various forms in various orgs over the years,
more significant returns/rewards from this activity will be in the form of
publishing throughout this 1 month detailed notes / logs
of exactly what was planned, what ended-up actually being attempted, and what were the responses/results.

In addition of the goals partially / fully / exceedingly achieved during this 1-month,
documentation on what was tried, what worked best, what did not, will be key to

  • ensuring a sustained effort over a longer duration
  • avoiding wasting effort on redundant stuff subsequently in future.
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We’d like to announce that Aman Sinha has exited his role with FOSS United Foundation. After careful deliberation, we mutually agreed that this decision aligns with the best interests of both parties. We clarify that Aman Sinha no longer has any formal association with the foundation. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.