MOM Industry Partnership Deck Revamp

Greetings FOSS United Community,

Sharing the minutes of the meeting happened on August 9th, 2023, on the topic of Industry Partnership Deck.

Meeting Attendees: Aman, Vishal & Shubham

1. Focus on Tier Heads for Funding:

Our discussion opened with a strategic exploration of priority sectors for funding. After rigorous consideration, we identified three core areas that will drive our funding efforts:

  • Talent Heads: Establishing partnership with corporate entities that share our vision, seek to contribute to FOSS United’s growth and who can take leverage of our community to hire their team members.

  • CSR & Donation Heads: Engaging corporate partners and individual benefactors in support of the FOSS United Foundation.

  • Developer/Marketing Heads: Helping them to brand themselves through our community and events all around India.

2. Elevating Tier List Value:

Recognizing the persuasive power of a compelling pitch, we devised plans to enrich our tier list, infusing it with tailored value propositions for each Tier Head. Our objective is to transparently demonstrate the impact of their investment on FOSS United’s mission and accomplishments.

3. Comprehensive Deck Updates:

Our focus extended to an extensive revamp of the Industry Partnership Deck, including these significant enhancements:

  • In the Noteworthy Speaker slide we’ll be adding and expanding our roster of speakers to mirror the rich diversity and expertise within FOSS United.
  • We have also thought of adding a slide in which we can share our collaboration with NGOs and FOSS Projects that we’ve sponsored to show the impact they have created. (You can find more information regarding our NGO work over here The OASIS Network - FOSS for Social Development (prev: The Genesis Project))
  • Simultaneously, in the meeting we got an idea that we’ll be refining the FOSS United Job Portal to showcase to our talent head how we can help them for their investment.
  • Furthermore, in the meeting we planned that we will be having a further discussion to launch a dedicated Telegram Job thread on our channel, providing real-time updates on job opportunities and portal developments.

4. Deadline:
We’ve set the deadline for creating a final draft of Industry Partnership Deck with all revisions and updates as August 24th, 2023.