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C++ programmers are intimidating enough for me! :slight_smile:

Ashish here.

Having experience in Software & Email Industry. Currently, I am working as a Senior Developer Advocate, India at Elastic.

Started journey with Software Engineer. Throughout the journey, I got the opportunity to work with great minds on various stacks, databases & programming languages. Worked with various types of use cases and contributed to solutions.

I have been wearing multiple hats as a startup guy so got a chance to work on system design, scaling, system architect, coding, maintenance, customer support & tickets, etc. It was not just tech but also marketing & Community engagement.

I am an Open Source fan & Love to contribute to the community. I like to speak about tech.

I am from Mumbai, India. This is my new spot to share my thoughts and findings of technology.

Keep sharing my learnings here


I am Mangesh Mane, I am a 17 year old geek from Solapur, India. I have been using the most famous Open Source Software which we know is Linux from almost 2.5 years now. Linux was the most fascinating thing for me back then in 2019-2020.

I am involved into FOSS by using these open source software everyday in my life. I am a theme designer, and I have my theme named Everblush posted to various open source softwares (including some closed source too :laughing:.

Ofc Linux is my favorite FOSS software.

It’s mostly HN (Hackernews), phoronix, and yeah all the cool kids use RSS Feeds, so do I.



I’m flyingcakes. Endeavour OS team member and among other things, past contributor to KDE. I’ve participated in GSoC and SoK. Will be part of Summer of Nix if accepted. Part time Linux user 2014 - 2019; full time since 2019.

I’ll be interning at Tower Research Capital this summer.

I like working in devops, packaging, system reliability etc.

My web home:

I occasionally write blog posts.


Hello everyone,
This is Hari Krishna and I am a third-year engineering grad. I recently started exploring open source software, and I am particularly interested in Linux.I am eager to contribute to projects that are working to reduce the digital divide and make technology more accessible to everyone .


Hello folks :raised_hands:

I am Prathik Shetty an open source developer and machine learning geek. I am a community maintainer at Mindsdb and Open source AI lead at TCET open source.

I advocate about Open source, Linux and ML.
I build and ship ML products :rocket: in hackathons those are fun.

I came here though FOSS United Mumbai. Thanks for introducing me to the FOSS community.

Btw folks there is an open source confrence at our college ( Thakur College of engineering and technology, kandivali, Mumbai) at 21st July. It will be a fun and interactive event with lightning talks and panel of FOSS people :magic_wand:

Would love to connect there :saluting_face:


Hello everyone,
My name is Harsha, and I am a fifth-year BBA LLB student specializing in Intellectual Property Rights at Alliance University, Bengaluru. I opted for science during my pre university college, but somehow landed in law. Nevertheless, I didn’t lose my interest in software and technologies. That could be the reason for my interest in technology and telecom law. during the course while reading, I realized how west had influenced IPR at international level favoring certain industry. Started reading on open-source movements and was looking for people to collaborate and discuss, finally landed on this forum.
I see there are lot of tech people, if there are people from legal and policy background happy to discuss and contribute.
I’m willing to volunteer with any matter relating to law, Intellectual property, Patents, Research, or Tech policy that add value to the community.

Thank you
Harsha R

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Hi, I’m Swastik Baranwal, a software developer from New Delhi, India passionate about open-source contribution, Gopher, Pythoneer, and DevOps. I am a Compiler Design enthusiast constantly learning and exploring new technologies. I also enjoy writing blogs on Forem’s the platform and am an organizer for FOSS United’s Delhi Chapter.

I specialize in several programming languages such as Go, Python, V, C, Bash, and C++, and I am currently learning TypeScript, JavaScript, and Rust in my free time. I am experienced in using tools like Notepad++, VS Code, Git, GitHub Actions, Gimp, Makefile, Jetbrains, Windows Console, and Jupyter Notebook. I am also expanding my knowledge of DevOps tools such as Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and other related technologies.

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I’m Ramakrishnan Nataraj, an ERPNext Consultant for the last 7 years. I have a strong passion for open source and I’m excited to join this community. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from all of you.

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Hi Folks, this is Aman. A communication expert, Gamer and Footballer.

I have recently joined FOSS United as a Industry Partnership Manager. I believe that communication is the key to success and because of this reason I did journalism and mass communication as my bachelor’s.

Hoping to learn and grow along with you all. And learn more about FOSS in upcoming months.

we are a socio commercial rural startup…specializing in vertical (tech, finance, data, etc.,) but focussing on neutral advice or solutions to industry while still aligning with neutral stakeholders like FOSS, OpenData etc.,

we are a team of eclectic and diverse pool…with empathy towards Tech…but we have aged faster than the hype cycle

As we connect with neutral stakeholders across the world, Visha Arya?? responded to our request to FOSS United

we support National Priority projects like ONDC, UPI, MSME, rural education, Agri/cyber/solar/EV command centres…

we realized that tech background is a must …architecture IASA or Linux Foundation while still owning the piece of software on which you build you business…
while freely helping other business who might need it…FOSS model…it empowers our kids to contribute as well

selfish motive…we find best and brightest talent at IASA, IEEE, CSA and FOSS easily approachable…

for some of our national priority projects we need good solution architects :wink:

we want FOSS to run some meetings at rayalaseema
Re_ FOSS training, grass roots spread and apps (updated).pdf (179.4 KB)


We’d like to announce that Aman Sinha has exited his role with FOSS United Foundation. After careful deliberation, we mutually agreed that this decision aligns with the best interests of both parties. We clarify that Aman Sinha no longer has any formal association with the foundation. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Hi, I am Kaustubh Shinde a Full-stack Developer hailing from the city of Thane which is in Maharashtra (India). Currently working on Open Source Freeform UI Library called Stack UI.

I created this library for developers so they can take full control of the UI components and elements and modify them however they want.

I am new to the Foss community and I am looking forward to learn a lot from fellow developers.


Hi all,

I’m Akash. I’ve been coding and tinkering for more than a decade now, currently working as a consultant.

My journey into FLOSS and programming began during the summer holiday of my 11th class. I had just read about Android and the concept of unlocking firmware, hacking it, and I impulsively invested all my savings (5k) to buy the cheapest Android phone available at that time. On the very same day, I unlocked the bootloader, voiding the warranty in the process. Possibly I was the sole Android owner in my tiny town then. I got into reverse engineering Java byte code and creating custom ROMs. As I had zero knowledge about programming, I had to brute force my way into it by trail and error. Shared all these hacks on the XDA-Developers forum, which then had a vibrant community focused on freely sharing code and hacks, building upon each other’s work. This led me into the rabbit hole of FSF, Jargon File, old mailing lists, and ultimately influenced me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

These days I am mostly involved with Elixir/Erlang. I maintain few open source libraries and have
contributed a bunch, including Gimp, i3wm. I also have a blog.

Happy to see the community here!


Hello world :wave:

My name is Justin. I am an Open Source contributor and Free Culture advocate originally from the United States. I have participated in numerous Open Source communities and led different initiatives to build sustainable software and communities for over ten years.

I came to know of this community just recently, and thought it would be good to keep an eye on things here to follow FOSS activity across India. I actually just returned this week from three weeks in India and Nepal, mostly to speak at GNOME Asia 2023 but also as a personal trip.

Currently, I work at Red Hat as the Fedora Community Architect (FCA). I am employed full-time by Red Hat to lead initiatives that grow the Fedora Linux user and developer communities. I also help make Red Hat and Fedora interactions more transparent and open.

Before that, I worked at UNICEF as an Open Source Technical Advisor, where I supported the UNICEF Venture Fund and other Open Source activities within the UNICEF Office of Innovation.

My daily drivers are Fedora Linux, Firefox web browser, and the GNOME desktop. Something more novel that I enjoy is the MusicBrainz database for music metadata.


Hi my name is Sajal Jain. I am currently working at an observability company SumoLogic for the past 5 years. I recently open sourced an internal tool that we use at our company for the benefit of the community FlowTestAI .

The tool is trying to solve the following problems -

  1. Leverage the power of Generative AI to convert your customer interaction with your product into runnable flows all via natural language and simple drag and drop. These flows not only test the correctness but also test the time it takes your customers to perform these actions together.
  2. Free of cost local testing playground for anyone be it the developer, a QA or a front facing person like a PM. Import your openAPI spec and describe your use case in plain language and this tool will output a runnable flow.
  3. FlowTestAI is code agnostic and in an ideal world end to end flows (tests) should not be dependent on a specific code language. They should be as light as possible, easy to create and fast to run/debug
  4. A tool where both QA/QE and developer are are able to collaborate in designing successful end to end test flows.

I don’t spill out my NAME and ADDRESS here, You can consider me as weirdo dev/hacker.

My Involvement :

I’m purely interested OSS, I’m started Arch Linux since 2 years (first started with Garuda Linux then Arch Linux).

My thoughts on OSS :

I hate heavy dev tools like
    • Vs code and prefer editors like vim, neovim.
    • Android Studio, which eats too many resources, I thought creating an app form command line was easier but it was bad as hell.
      I come to realise to create apk only using command line was made impossible.
AI is waste of time
    • AI is the worst tool to ask questions on latex, especially Chatgpt 3 versions.
      It horribly gave wrong answers even after correcting it.
      I have to rely on geogebra to get cordinates and distances.
    • It is limited for simple examples only, advanced usage cannot be done.
    • I hope one day there is FOSS version of AI is made.
Desktop UI is too old
    • Floating windows are slow and consume more meomory.
    • Rather I prefer tiling windows manager.
    • Currently I'm using KDE in X11 environment, I'm currently trying with     hyprland in VM, and later switch.

My Favorite OSS Softwares :

• Filemanagers

  • dolphin
  • find | fzf
  • vifm
  • ncdu
  • ranger

• Media Players/ Editors

  • mpv
  • ffmpeg
  • vlc
  • kdenlive
  • gwenview
  • gimp

• Source Editors

  • vim
  • kate
  • texstudio
  • kate

• Shell Programs

  • make

  • groff

  • tree

  • git

  • Shell languages :

    • sh
    • bash
    • fish
  • Archiving tools

    • tar
    • zip
    • p7zip
    • unrar-free
  • Networking

    • netcat
    • ssh
    • smb
    • nmcli

• Virtual Machines

  • qemu-full
  • kvm
  • virsh

I would like to share my aliases in ~/.bashrc

alias ls='ls --color=always'
alias less='less -R'
alias grep='grep --color=always'
alias cat='bat --number'
alias wget='wget -c'
alias start='doas systemctl start'
alias status='doas systemctl status'
alias stop='doas systemctl stop'
alias dmesg='doas dmesg'
alias vnet-start='doas virsh net-start default'
alias virt-start='start libvirtd ; vnet-start'
alias vnet-destroy='doas virsh net-destroy default'
alias virt-stop='stop libvirtd ; vnet-destroy'
alias fzv='vim $(find . -type f | fzf -m)'
alias fzd='cd "$(find . -type d | fzf)"'
alias fzr='rm -rf $(find . -type f | fzf -m)'
alias fzrd='rm -rf $(find . -type d | fzf -m)'
alias fzrdb='find . -type d | fzf -m'
alias ctemp_warn='while true ; do heat_warn ; sleep 1m ; done'
alias clone='git clone'
alias pull='git pull'
alias push='git push'
alias latex_clean='for i in fdb_latexmk aux synctex.gz fls snm toc dvi nav log out ; do find . -name "*\.$i" -delete ; done'
alias update='doas pacman -Syyu'
alias pkg='doas pacman -S'
alias rpkg='doas pacman -Rs'
alias ipkg='pacman -Qi'
alias spkg='pacman -Ss'
alias epkg='pacman -Qe'
alias fixpkg='doas rm -rf /var/lib/pacman/db.lck'
alias bw='binwalk'
alias exxd='hexedit'
alias clear_history='exec rm -rf .bash_history .lesshst .wget-hsts .python_history'
alias igrub='doas grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/ --bootloader-id=ARCH'
alias mgrub='doas grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg'
alias vgrub='doas vim /etc/default/grub'
alias cgrub='cat /etc/default/grub'

I am senthil and i am a second year engineering grad . I recently hear about the foss community it was very interesting and i need a help to learn about the tech . I hope i will learn all this tech as much as faster . I used open source software is linux and i am just a beginner in that and happy to join in this community .


Creator of OpenAlgo - OpenSource Algo Trading framework for Indian Traders. Telecom Engineer turned Full-time Derivative Trader. Trading the Markets Since 2006 onwards. Using Market Profile and Orderflow for more than a decade. Designed and published 100+ open-source trading systems on various trading tools. Strongly believe that market understanding and robust trading frameworks are the keys to trading success. Building Algo Platforms, Writing about Markets, Trading System Design, Market Sentiment, Trading Software & Trading Nuances since 2007 onwards. Author of the financial blog -


My name is Santhosh Jose. I’m very new to the OSS community. I’ve worked in tech for about 15 years - mostly in product management and consulting and a few years as a database programmer. I moved back to India about a year ago, currently spending time on hobby projects primarily (mostly in python, go, plsql), while actually learning a little bit of computer science fundamentals (did mechanical engineering in college).

As part of the OSS community, I’m not the strongest programmer to make contributions in the form of code, but I think my experience and networks could potentially help in achieving some of the organisation’s goals on the policy side of things and I would be keen to speak to the folks who are working on this.