June 2022 FOSS Meetup

June FOSS Meetup

Date: Saturday, 11th June 2022
Venue: Zerodha HQ, map
Time: 5-7PM

Agenda: June 2022 FOSS Meetup

To speak at this Meetup, please reply to this thread with the following details:

1. Topic Name 
2. Brief about the topic (with the project's source-code link).

The maximum duration of the talk will be 10 minutes (+ 5 min for QnA).

RSVP at https://fossunited.org/meetup/rsvp to get notified about the meetups through email.

  1. Topic name: Incentives(rewards) for your open source contributions
  2. Gitopia is building a next-generation Decentralised Code Collaboration Platform fuelled by a decentralized network and interactive token economy. Gitopia is designed to optimize the software development process through collaboration, transparency, and open source incentivization. Check out-> https://gitopia.com/. Project source code link - https://gitopia.com/gitopia1dlpc7ps63kj5v0kn5v8eq9sn2n8v8r5z9jmwff

Hi @kushagra1,

Before we confirm your talk please share your view on this note on Blockchain.

Hey Wish,

I have replied to the thread Herehttps://forum.fossunited.org/t/draft-a-note-on-blockchain/723/4?u=kushagra1

The thread was written around a year back so many things have changed since then.

Topic: Documenting support lifecycles of open source projects.

While the project itself is https://github.com/endoflife-date/endoflife.date/, I don’t think I can cover a lot about the project in a 10 minute talk. Instead I’d like to cover the release recommendations that we provide to projects.

If your open-source project makes consistent releases, and offers some sort of support lifecycle (say last 2 major releases are supported, or you support only the latest Python release) - documenting these becomes extremely important, especially for the folks responsible for using your project securely.

The talk will cover best practices around documenting your release cadence, processes, EOL dates, versioning schemes, and various gotchas. There will be lots of examples to showcase what is good vs bad (and why).

The talk comes out of my experience of creating endoflife.date as an open-source community project, and documenting the lifecycles and EOL dates of more than 100 products.


Would love to share a conceptual talk on:

Design Tradeoffs in Scaling ML Usecases

The questions in ML domain have changed from whether we can deliver ML model to whether we can deliver usecases viably and scalably. In this talk, I will share the challenges we saw in scaling the usecases (not data volume) such as lack of clarity and operational complexity, and discuss the tradeoffs that we have to make to increase adoption of ML.

Nature: Introductory, Conceptual, Opensource friendly, 10 mins

Speaker: Dr. Venkata Pingali, Co-Founder of Scribble Data (an MLOps firm with offices in Toronto/Bangalore)

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Thanks @nemo for showing interest to speak at the June Meetup. We’ll let you know your talk’s timing by the end of this week.

Thanks @Venkata_Pingali for showing interest to speak at the June Meetup. We’ll let you know your talk’s timing by the end of this week.


5:00 - 5:15 pm - Intro
5:15 - 5:30 pm - FOSS Pledge
5:30 - 5:45 pm - [Talk] Documenting support lifecycles of open source projects by Nemo
5:45 - 6:00 pm - Coffee & Snacks
6:00 - 6:15 pm - [Talk] Design Tradeoffs in Scaling ML Usecases by Venkata Pingali
6:15 - 6:30 pm - IndiaFOSS Conference
6:30 - 7:00 pm - Networking Mixer

Cc: @Nemo, @Venkata_Pingali

Suggestion: Please change “June '22” to “June 2022” everywhere. It’s quite confusing to see “June '22” in my inbox and wonder if I was wrong about the date.

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