Planning MumbaiFOSS 2.0

Hi folks, we at FOSS United Mumbai are elated to announce that we will be hosting MumbaiFOSS 2.0 on the 27th of April 2024!

If you are interested to volunteer for this exciting event, please fill this volunteer form:

Additionally, if your institution would like to host this event, feel free to E-mail


We have now closed our volunteer call, looking forward to onboarding all volunteers by next week.


The venue management team has started reaching out to prospective venues via e-mail. We hope to finalize the venue in due time.

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Hey Arya! I am interested to volunteer for the event and I really like to be considered for the same. As I can see, you have closed the volunteer call, it would be great if you gave me a chance. Please reach out to me so that I can send you my details!

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can you please drop some things about yourself like your profession, your likings, your interest to volunteer and whether if you are from mumbai or not in my dm on telegram ?

Thanks to the reachout by @wisharya, FOSSEEE, IIT Bombay has agreed to host the event, and is currently in the process of checking with the IIT Bombay authorities regarding availability of the auditorium.

We hope to have the venue finalized soon!


FOSSEEE has confirmed that the Victor Menezes Convention Centre (same audi we used for MumbaiFOSS 1.0) is available.

We will have a call with the FOSSEEE folks tentatively on the 10th of Feb in order to move forward with the venue logistics.


We had our first volunteer onboarding call

Minutes of the Meeting

Attendees: Arya, Abhishek, Ashish, Anas, Mangesh, Vikas, Utsavraj, Ruchika

Date: 11th Feb 2024

  • Attending volunteers were given another run-through of all the roles
  • Came to a conclusion that people whose volunteering was mostly online can take care of onground tasks (if they want to) like registration (and possibly city meetup volunteers who are attending)
  • Possibility of 1 or 2 long-form (45min-1hr) talks - Need to confirm with FOSS United Core team regarding the proposal
  • Discussion on a panel topic
  • Emphasis on reach out to female audience
  • Concluded that regarding waste management (for which we didn’t get any volunteers), we can probably rely on someone from the NGO, no need to have someone dedicated from our side
  • Make a list of potential invitee speakers
  • FOSS United Design team will be helping with the designs if/when required

Role Assignment:
Design: Vasudha & Ayush
Logistics: Arya, Sumir, Anas, Ashish
Social Media: Yaseen, Aabha
Outreach: Prasad, Utsavraj, Omkar
Diversity: Ruchika (FOSS United), Vidya
Video Production/Photography: Arya, Kathan, Sahil
Emcee: Abhishek
Sponsorship: Mangesh, Vedant
Participant Management: Vikas, Shubham
Speaker Management: Prasad, Abhishek
Waste Management: None

5 Likes our designs are now public!

We had a call with FOSSEE, regarding hosting the event at IIT Bombay.

Minutes of Meeting:

Attendees: Payal (FOSSEE), Vineeta (FOSSEE), Vishal (FOSS United), Arya (MumbaiFOSS), Ansh (FOSS United)
Date: 6th Mar 2024

Vishal started the meeting by introducing the team, and setting the background of what FOSS United does, and what’s the goal of MumbaiFOSS.

Vishal stated that the audience, expected to be 300+, will be a mixed one, consisting of professionals from the industry, but also college students.

FOSSEE expressed concerns regarding not getting many benefits publicity-wise, after the first MumbaiFOSS conference.
In order to resolve this, the MumbaiFOSS team assured more visibility on our social medias, and also suggested that they can take up a workshop, and a sponsor’s table along with the 2 talk slots to increase visibility.

In MumbaiFOSS 1.0, we faced many issues due to lack of volunteers, and hence FOSSEE having been forced to do a lot of work to make the event run smoothly.
Vishal apologized for the issues faced in last year’s event, and assured FOSSEE that there shouldn’t be any issues this time around, since we have a lot of volunteers. The MumbaiFOSS Team also said that the list of volunteers, contact details and phone numbers will be provided to them, before the conference, so they know who is who and what they are responsible for.

Additionally, FOSSEE mentioned that they will share the vendors list in advance, and that we need someone to guide the VMCC’s AV team.

FOSSEE also inquired regarding why their talks had to still go through the normal CFP process.
Vishal clarified that all talks had to go through review, even if they are by the Director of FOSS United, have to go through the review process.

To conclude, the FOSSEE team said they will get back to MumbaiFOSS team by Tuesday, after talking with the FOSSEE head.

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Hello…How I can be a part of MumbaiFoss2.0 ?

We had another call with FOSSEE last week.

Attendees: Vishal (FOSS United), Arya (MumbaiFOSS), Payel (FOSSEE), Usha (FOSSEE), Vineeta (FOSSEE)

Payel from FOSSEE updated us that due to a few changes recently in regards to the regulations surrounding booking of VMCC, partnered events have to pay the full price, of around ₹70,000, instead of the slashed 50% price FOSSEE was originally willing to pay. Due to this, the MumbaiFOSS team was suggested to go ahead with a 50:50 approach, with us paying around ₹45,000.

However, since an auditorium this expensive was unfeasible for a CityFOSS conference, Vishal asked the FOSSEE team whether there were any other options, with a lesser seating capacity. Through this, we were able to instead book a 250 seat lecture hall, at the FC Kohli Auditorium, also part of IIT Bombay campus. Additionally, we have booked 2 classrooms for the workshops, though confirmation for this would come later due to end-semester exams potentially using the same classes.

In conclusion, we just have been allocated a different area, and would have to reduce the maximum tickets to only around 250 (or 300 if we were to stretch it).


Excited to announce our first speaker! Join Kovid Goyal as he share his journey of building successful open-source projects like calibre and kitty. Learn key strategies for project growth, community management, and financial sustainability. Don’t miss out!

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Excited to announce our second speaker! Join Aravind Ramesh as he share his valuable insights about fabric-attached memory file system. Get ready to learn all about the intricate details of this interesting and upcoming special purpose filesystem. Don’t miss out!

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#FOSSMumbai #SpeakerSeries #MumbaiFOSS2024 #UnitedbyFOSS

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Excited to announce our third speaker Prasad, the CEO of :rocket:

Prasad will be giving a talk on his experience with building and scaling his open hardware product from India :sparkles:

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the excitement!
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#FOSSMumbai #SpeakerSeries #MumbaiFOSS2024

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Join us at MumbaiFOSS 2.0 on April 27th for a panel discussion and talking about their stories maintaining some cool projects! :rocket:

Where Anoop, Prasad, Ankush and kovid will be sharing the strategies, insight and solutions to combat burnout in Open source community :globe_with_meridians:

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#MumbaiFOSS #UnitedByFOSS

[MoM] Volunteer Sync

Attendees: Arya, Vindhya, Vikas Maurya, Yash, Prasad Sawool, Mangesh, Omkar, Utsav , Anas, Vasudha

  • We talked about planning the speaker schedule for the whole conference including how we’ll be running the parallel tracks in the conference.
  • We most probably won’t be able to get 2 seminar halls as requested to IIT Bombay folks because of exams during the same time. So, we’ll have to limit the workshops. .
  • Sahil Sagwekar, one of the volunteers will be managing all the photography related things for the conference. We will be renting a camera for the conference instead of getting a full-fledged photographer.
  • We’re planning to stream it live on sovran as we want this to be a conference using FOSS for most of the things. Tor (Kathan Sharma), a volunteer from gnulinuxindia telegram group will be helping us in managing all the things related to live streaming
  • We also planned to do some mock-calls with the finalized lists of speakers to have some clarity about what the speaker is planning to deliver and make sure the talk will be legitimate. Prasad and Abhishek (the speaker management volunteers) can help with this and also I am willing to help as well.
  • There’s not much diversity in the talk proposals we’ve received till now. Maybe we’ll try reaching out to more female folks in the community.
  • Payel from FOSSEE (in email) asked us to visit the auditorium sometime in the next week. So, we can have better idea about the venue. Hence, the volunteer will choose a day and will visit the venue once.
  • We discussed about planning the Volunteers Meet a day before the conference so that we can plan all the on-ground stuff for the next day

Hey folks, only 5 days are left to submit your talk proposals for MumbaiFOSS 2.0 conference :rocket:

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of exquisite FOSS event! :sparkles:

Submit your proposal now :point_down:

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#UnitedByFOSS #MumbaiFOSS

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One day left to showcase your expertise at the MumbaiFOSS 2.0 Conference🚀

Propose a talk and don’t let this opportunity slip away! :sparkles:

Submit your proposal now :point_down:

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#MumbaiFOSS #UnitedByFOSS

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Excited to announce our next speaker Nabin, Senior VP & Co-Founder of Frappe🚀

Nabin will be giving a talk on his experience about scaling a complex product like ERPNext :sparkles:

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the excitement!
:tickets:MumbaiFOSS 2.0 - MumbaiFOSS 2.0 is the 2nd edition of FOSS conference in Mumbai to promote FOSS - Free and Open Source Software.

#MumbaiFOSS #UnitedByFOSS