Planning MumbaiFOSS 2.0

Hi folks, we at FOSS United Mumbai are elated to announce that we will be hosting MumbaiFOSS 2.0 on the 27th of April 2024!

If you are interested to volunteer for this exciting event, please fill this volunteer form:

Additionally, if your institution would like to host this event, feel free to E-mail


We have now closed our volunteer call, looking forward to onboarding all volunteers by next week.


The venue management team has started reaching out to prospective venues via e-mail. We hope to finalize the venue in due time.

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Hey Arya! I am interested to volunteer for the event and I really like to be considered for the same. As I can see, you have closed the volunteer call, it would be great if you gave me a chance. Please reach out to me so that I can send you my details!

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can you please drop some things about yourself like your profession, your likings, your interest to volunteer and whether if you are from mumbai or not in my dm on telegram ?

Thanks to the reachout by @wisharya, FOSSEEE, IIT Bombay has agreed to host the event, and is currently in the process of checking with the IIT Bombay authorities regarding availability of the auditorium.

We hope to have the venue finalized soon!


FOSSEEE has confirmed that the Victor Menezes Convention Centre (same audi we used for MumbaiFOSS 1.0) is available.

We will have a call with the FOSSEEE folks tentatively on the 10th of Feb in order to move forward with the venue logistics.


We had our first volunteer onboarding call

Minutes of the Meeting

Attendees: Arya, Abhishek, Ashish, Anas, Mangesh, Vikas, Utsavraj, Ruchika

Date: 11th Feb 2024

  • Attending volunteers were given another run-through of all the roles
  • Came to a conclusion that people whose volunteering was mostly online can take care of onground tasks (if they want to) like registration (and possibly city meetup volunteers who are attending)
  • Possibility of 1 or 2 long-form (45min-1hr) talks - Need to confirm with FOSS United Core team regarding the proposal
  • Discussion on a panel topic
  • Emphasis on reach out to female audience
  • Concluded that regarding waste management (for which we didn’t get any volunteers), we can probably rely on someone from the NGO, no need to have someone dedicated from our side
  • Make a list of potential invitee speakers
  • FOSS United Design team will be helping with the designs if/when required

Role Assignment:
Design: Vasudha & Ayush
Logistics: Arya, Sumir, Anas, Ashish
Social Media: Yaseen, Aabha
Outreach: Prasad, Utsavraj, Omkar
Diversity: Ruchika (FOSS United), Vidya
Video Production/Photography: Arya, Kathan, Sahil
Emcee: Abhishek
Sponsorship: Mangesh, Vedant
Participant Management: Vikas, Shubham
Speaker Management: Prasad, Abhishek
Waste Management: None