Proposal for Introducing FOSS Campaign in Schools, Colleges, and Communities


As an active volunteer in the FOSS United Chennai community, I have been reflecting on our efforts to promote FOSS. While our initiatives have successfully engaged FOSS enthusiasts, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to extend our outreach to a broader audience, particularly students in schools, colleges, and various communities and so from my Community initiatives Shadow Onboarding call with @ansh and @wisharya . I have created this proposal for the FOSS Campaign.


The primary goal of this proposal is to launch a comprehensive FOSS Campaign targeting educational institutions and local communities. By introducing the principles and benefits of FOSS to students and community members, we aim to inspire and encourage active participation in FOSS contributions and community-building activities.

Why Outreach Matters :

Our Journey in the FOSS world has been incredible, but it’s time to ask ourselves: Are we reaching everyone who could benefit from FOSS? The answer, quite simple, is no. The potential of FOSS extends far beyond our current circles, and by taking it to schools, colleges, and NGO communities, we can spark a wave of enthusiasm and participation.

Components of the FOSS Campaign:

1. Curiosity in schools:

  • Introducing FOSS through engaging presentations and hands-on workshops if required in regional languages.
  • Collaborate with schools to seamlessly integrate FOSS principles into their curriculum.
  • Conducting competitions to transform learning into fun and interactive experience.

2. Empowering the Next Generation in College :

  • Conducting enlightening seminars and webinars on the pivotal role of FOSS in the tech landscape.
  • Extending FOSS clubs and creating Collaborative programs with FOSS United City chapters.
  • Provide opportunities for students to contribute to real-world projects, with mentorship programs that include FOSS for society and FOSS for Startups.

3. Building Bridges in Communities

  • Launch Mentorship program that bridges the gap between seasoned contributors and newcomers.
  • Forge partnerships with local community organisations to amplify our collective impact.
  • Introducing FOSS to Underprivileged communities.

Campaign Execution Plan

1. Assessment:

  • conduct surveys to understand the existing awareness levels and interest in FOSS within the target audience
  • Identify the key challenges and opportunities for promoting FOSS in schools,colleges , and communities.

2. Resource Development

  • Create a repository of education materials , presentations, and guides suitable for different age groups and knowledge levels.
  • Establish partnerships with educational institutions and local organisations to access their networks.

3. Communication Strategy:

  • Develop a compelling narrative around the importance of FOSS of students,educators, and community members.
  • Utilise social media, newsletter, and local media outlets to disseminate information about the FOSS Campaign.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Establish metrics to measure the success of the campaign, such as the number of new contributors, projects initiated, and events conducted.
  • Gather feedback from participants to continuously improve and refine our approach.


The FOSS Campaign is more than a proposal: it’s a call to unite, inspire, and foster a culture of openness and collaboration. Together, we have the power to shape the future of FOSS and create a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the familiar.

Share your thoughts on the proposed campaign in the comments below :smile:


excellent. happy to support as an entity to spread in south of AP and later orissa

also conducting hackathons plus new software ideas which have to be foss based.

ex we are developing an app for ecommerce to support rural NGOs and farmers, this will be FOSS yet small revenue generating

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As Taking first step for #FOSSExpress, FOSS United Chennai Team @ansh @Sakhil_Ahamed are in discussion with the local NGO communities to get the right time to start with FOSS Express. One of our high struggles is getting the perfect time which will be fine for the students and also our team. As my previous experience in educating Community students It would be good if the contributors start their session with the introduction and give them better understandings about the basic Internet and Technology then further to proceed with FOSS Campaign with the touch of privacy precautions.

Taking the next step in FOSS Express, most of the NGOs and schools are active only on weekdays and We don’t have people who can contribute on weekdays. So we are planning to open a separate Volunteer program for interested contributors and Open collaboration social campaign to get the leads from schools and colleges.