Community Call - November 2023

The FOSS United volunteers will be conducting a community call on the 19th of November 2023, from 11AM - 12PM.

The agenda is to sit together and get updates from city chapters with regards to monthly meetups, give updates on the upcoming CityFOSS 2.0 tour, and discuss our learnings and observations on IndiaFOSS 3.0

We have created a Jitsi video call for the purpose of these monthly calls.



This is the first I’m hearing about this so I would love to know more.

On behalf of the Hyderabad chapter, I will attempt to join. The main updates on our side are

  • we have a couple of good meetups in September and October. The audience were very engaged, the talks were good and overall, everyone walked away happy
  • there are only two active volunteers at the moment, which is causing huge bottlenecks
  • potential speaker outreach continues to take a considerable amount of time
  • overall, we’re happy doing 3-4 talks per meetup, which gives ample time for networking and QnA after the talks. 5 talks at the September meetup felt very packed and we needed to strictly adhere to talk timings
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@Ansh_Arora do we have an MoM/summary for what happened in the call?