FOSS United Community Calls - 2024

This thread contains information about the monthly community calls conducted by the FOSS United volunteers.

The idea behind these calls is to sit together and get updates from city chapters with regards to monthly meetups, give updates on various FOSS United events ( CityFOSS conferences, FOSS Hack, IndiaFOSS), and open discussion with respect to various FOSS United initiatives.

While we expect at least one volunteer from each of our city Chapters to be present, the calls are open to everyone in the community.

Please drop me an email at if you would like to be sent a calendar invite for these recurring calls



FOSS United Community Call - Jan 2024

The first community call of the year will be held on the 6th of January 2024, from 11AM - 12PM. The agenda is for the city chapter volunteers to give updates from their end on December and the upcoming January meetups, CityFOSS 2.0 Plannings.

The community call for this month is being rescheduled to next weekend. Apologies for delay in the communication.

Date - Suday, 14 Jan, 2024
Time- 11 AM -12 PM
Link - Jitsi Meet

Minutes of the meeting

Community Call, Jan 2024
Attendees: Ansh, @Suslime @Sakhil_Ahamed @Faizan_Akhtar ,Benson, @PR454D


  • PuneFOSS 2.0 work is in progress
  • Community Partnerships with pre existing FOSS communities and user groups are being discussed
  • The communities have agreed to collaborate and are also helping with the venue search
  • CFPs have been opened, will focus on promotions to get more quality talks
  • All the auditoriums the team could find so far are costly, with the cheapest costing50k INR.
  • The backup option is college hall that can be arranged for free, they will be going ahead with that in case another venue can’t be found
  • Venue to be finalised by this week


  • Jan meetup registrations and CFPs ongoing
  • ChennaiFOSS updates shared on forum thread

General discussions

  • Updates on FOSS Hack and IndiaFOSS
  • Sakhil suggested to conduct IndiaFOSS on 21st September since it’s Software Freedom Day.

FOSS United Community Call - Feb 2024

Date - Saturday, 10 Feb, 2024
Time- 11 AM -12 PM
Link - Jitsi Meet

Agenda: Updates on City meetups and cityFOSS conferences, Plans for FOSS Hack and IndiaFOSS 4.0, New platform release related and onboarding related announcements.

Minutes of the Meeting

Community Call Feb 2024

Attendees: Ansh, @iamimmanuelraj , @Muhammed_Shahmil_ka , @Faizan_Akhtar , @Arya_Kiran , GB

Date: February 10, 2024


  1. Meetup Updates
  2. CityFOSS
  3. Platform release
  4. Announcements


  • 15 days to go to PuneFOSS 2.0
  • Venue confirmation is pending
  • Registrations are ongoing, saw an uprise in ticket sales after a community partnership
  • CFP closes today, reviews underway.
  • The Commit Company has sponsored 40k INR


  • Jan meetup - 35 participants.
  • Less turnout due to Sunday
  • Planning the next meetup at Zoho Office
  • ChennaiFOSS 2.0 page is live, preparations starting this week
  • Volunteer onboarding call this weekend
  • The commit company is interested in sponsoring the conference


  • Jan meetup was the biggest so far, happened at Powai, Redhat office with a participation of 50 folks.
  • Partnering with MumPy for the next meetup.
  • Volunteer onboarding call with MumbaiFOSS volunteers to be done.
  • Vishal is in talks with IIT-B for venue


  • 44 participants in the last meetuo
  • Feb meetup in Litmus 7 space
  • 2 CFPs recieved, 2 will be from Litmus, 1 more is required
  • KochiFOSS will be organised in late 2024
  • Scheduling a meeting with IBS for a future meetup

Updates from FOSS United

  • is now live. Official launch this monday. City chapters can create their user profiles and start reporting bugs to or github.
  • The tech team will schedule onboarding calls for city volunteers to onboard them to platform.
  • FOSS United will be present at FOSSASIA '24 at Vietnam. Vishal will be giving a talk on “Strengthening India’s FOSS Community” and we’ll have a community booth at the event.
  • We are getting equipment and looking for volunteers for our media initiatives. Editing out short clips, interviews etc.
  • The Commit Company will be sponsoring PuneFOSS, MumbaiFOSS and ChennaiFOSS.

FOSS United Community Call - March 2024

Date - Sunday, 16 24 March, 2024
Time- 11 AM -12 PM
Link - Jitsi Meet

Agenda: Updates on City meetups and cityFOSS conferences, Announcement + Details on FOSS Hack and IndiaFOSS 2024.

Please email me at (or text on telegram) if you’d like to get a calendar invite for these calls.

Edit: This has been moved to the next weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience


24 Mar 2024 | FOSS United Community Call

Attendees: Ansh, Vishal, Mangesh, Swastik, Arya, Faizan, Sakhil.

Swastik - FOSS United Delhi

  • Feb meetup was held at EPAM systems
  • 9 March, DelhiFOSS 2.0 at IITD.
  • 300 folks attended the conference
  • The organisers are taking a break after the conference, no meetups in april may

Faizan - FOSS United Pune

  • Planning PuneFOSS 2.1 (the team has decided to do only mini conferences in Pune since there is not enough interest for meetups.
  • Preparations and planning to start after end of this month.
  • Proposal will be made around June.

Sakhil - FOSS United Chennai

  • Updates on ChennaiFOSS 2.0
    Planning ChennaiFOSS 2.0
  • Attended a community meetup at IIT Madras research park. They are willing to provide venues for free for 3 events.

Arya - FOSS United Mumbai

  • MumbaiFOSS Updates - Venue is finalised.
  • 250 seater classroom is booked for the conference
  • Finalised 2-3 speakers through outreach
    Planning MumbaiFOSS 2.0
  • March meetup was cancelled due to less CFPs, registrations and no volunteers available to attend.

Mangesh - FOSS United Solapur

Action items

  • Release IndiaFOSS announcements
  • FOSShack local editions announcement
  • Hosts can choose to conduct it overnight or only in the day
  • IndiaFOSS CFP to be opened in April first week