[Draft] Industry Partnership Deck for 2024-25

We have completed the Industry Partnership Deck for 2024-25. Please take a look and share your comments.

Major Changes:

  • We have revised the sponsorship tier values, with the bronze tier now starting at 5 Lakhs and the platinum tier reaching up to 1 Crore.

  • Additionally, the benefits for each tier have been increased, especially for Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Platinum and Patron tiers are designed primarily for companies seeking to provide financial support to the foundation.

  • The Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers are ideal for companies seeking brand visibility while also supporting our cause: the promotion of FOSS in India. These tiers offer a balance of exposure and contribution, tailored to different corporate engagement levels.

  • Introduction of quarterly leadership calls.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to post them in this thread.


Page 4 - Benefits for Partnerships

“Logo on Bangalore FOSS events or city of your choice” - does this mean at the event (say logo in opening or closing slides - as a mention) or on the event promotional material like RSVP, CFP posters etc. ?

I think there would always be a limit on the logos that can come on the promotional material and they would look cluttered after atleast 3 coming together - along with the city chapter logo. Maybe reconsider from this angle ?

The latter makes good sense as it gives a good mention and serves the purpose. The mention of where the logos would be displayed/mentioned is also needed IMO.

“Logo on newsletter” also falls under this thought. Having 20 to 25 logos in the footer can also be a clutter I feel.

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Page 5:
In comparison with the other projects, Fireflies logo is very small that it is barely visible. It makes the design looks a bit off.

Slide 16 (Where does our community spend time)

The slide feels bare to an outsider since the benefits to a prospective partner aren’t clear. Suggestions:

  1. Perhaps drop “Website” (which is a vague theme here) and a few others

  2. Add some numbers to showcase the Community under each of the boxes.

  • Monthly Newsletter: X subscribers.
  • Telegram Community: 5000 members
  • Social Media: X followers
  • Monthly Podcast: X all-time-listens.
  • Meetups: Monthly meetups across X cities. [Y] Meetups in 2023.
  • Conference: 1250 attendees at IndiaFOSS 2023.
  • Web Forum: Dozens of long-form discussions around FOSS Policy, and FOSS in Industry. Maybe active users on the Forum?

Slide 9

Please add a link to https://oasishq.org/, I was confused if this was https://www.oasis-open.org/

Slide 17

Maybe have a separate slide on the 80G/CSR Benefits as well, pitching to the other stakeholders in the org (CFOs?)

Slide 25

  • The email isn’t clickable, there’s instead an invisible clickbox under the website link.

General Feedback

  • The PDF isn’t accessible. None of the text is selectable.

I agree. Do you have any suggestions?

It means logo on the promotional material. Like the way we put the logos of all sponsors on the signage of IndiaFOSS 3.0. We can accommodate here as well.

Maybe Ajzal can suggest how we can adjust logos in the posters.

Again, we can report this to Ajzal.

I agree. We’ll make the changes

Also, we’ll work on suggestions on Slide 9, 17 and 25 and the general feedback. Thank you.

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I would suggest we can keep it for a few tiers only - Patron and Platinum maybe.

For a big event like IndiaFOSS - it makes good sense. But keeping a stance in every meetup would be like a repetitive marketing sprint. Mentions at the meetup would make it balanced.

Secondly, this could be also be dynamic data - we cannot expect or foretell the number of logos coming in - one/two or more.

IMO, maybe we can keep a cap on the number of logo on each city rather than moving it to 50L and 1Cr tiers?

The choice of city can be in the FCFS manner?

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This is for FOSS United Newsletter right ? The “city cap” won’t be come significant in that case right? As the newsletter is a generic entity that goes from the organisation right?

Can you please explain this part ?

Can a company choose only one specific city or more than one? And on what grounds would they select that? The base reasoning could be that they are based on that city. And then would it be fair that we don’t keep the logos of companies who host the meetup in promotional materials, even when they play a major role in organising of the meetup?

Ah, yeah. I lost the track. I’m fine with the idea of logo of only Platinum and Patron for newsletter but that bring one less offerings for all other tiers. But that also implies that we have fewer offerings for the company paying us 5L than the company that paid us 1L last year. We have already removed the discount for CityFOSS conf. for the bronze tier this year (5L). If a previous partner ask this question, how would we convince them?

The though behind this benefit was that a partner can get visibility through the city meetups (of their choice) happening throughout the year in one city. If logos cluttering is an issue then keeping a cap could be a way to fix this.

This could be addressed through the design of the poster and also be discussed during the pitch. A one-size-fits-all pitch isn’t a solution either way. I am working to balance the offerings to partners based on the amount they will pay.

But I assume the overall offerings have definitely increased right? Wouldn’t that balance itself. The revamp can bring in new offerings likewise can alter the previous ones too.

  • Logo on partnership page is constant anyway, logo on newsletter can be a step-above another offering.

That is doable - but we are also in the process of making city events decentralised too right? The design add-ons and changes would be something the city volunteers do.

And if logo add-ons are variable for each city, there should be bandwidth for communicating this effectively each time with all chapters respectively every month in the longer run. So this needs a process, if needed to be executed properly - we need to figure something for that.

The mentions of all our partners at the event however is less intensive. The team just need to track the industry partnership page in website, take info from there.

For the 10L, 25L, 50L, and 1Cr categories - Yes. However, for the 5L category - No.

2023-24 offering

2024-25 proposal

If we don’t display their logo on the newsletter, the change for the 5L tier will look like this in comparison to the previous offerings.

What’s Gone:

  1. Booth & Logo during IndiaFOSS, which is a major change.
  2. Logo from the monthly newsletter.
  3. Event sponsorship discount.

What’s New:

  1. 10 IndiaFOSS pass
  2. 1 Blogpost

I don’t see the overall offerings going upward. I would like to hear what @rahulporuri thinks about it, as he has experience talking to the potentials Industry partners.

  • Another doubt I have is - “Logo during IndiaFOSS” - why are we removing it? Signage at IndiaFOSS - isn’t that a valid offering? Sponsors’s deck at IndiaFOSS for higher tiers only, makes sense.

It’s there for the Gold tier and above it.

Yeah, when you mean branding at IndiaFOSS - would it mean signage at IndiaFOSS would be an offering for higher tiers only too?

Or is it going to be a split - that signage and desk being two mutually exclusive things? Why can’t signage be a common offering for all partners as it was done for IndiaFOSS 3.0?

Can you work with @Ajzal and propose what are you thinking?

Yep - I will propose a rough draft on it first here by this week and then move it to design if works.

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Regarding FOSS Event at Office Space, I think there is a possible confusion that if you dont get a silver+ tier you can’t have any FOSS United event in your space and/or only have 1 or 2 events there.

For example in FOSSU Mumbai’s case, we have had almost 4 meetups this year at IDfy. So if IDfy becomes a Silver supporter, then can we not have more meetups than 4 meetups there?

A better wording for this would be “Guaranteed FOSS Event at Office Space”

maybe we also need to mention certain stuff like blog post and FOSS Event at office space is optional (for example, some companies might not have a big enough office space in India)


This sounds good. @mriya11 can you please update the wording on the deck when you plan to work with Ajzal on the design?


Here’s a draft of Industry Partnership Benefits that I thought about - some edits and some add-ons, including that of @Arya_Kiran.

It could have a revision too based on comments - if changes or add-ons have to be made.

PDF version:
[Draft]Industry_Partnership_Deck_Offerings.pdf (84.2 KB)

If we good to go, we can update the deck, along with the suggestions by @Nemo.

In line with this point, as a workaround for visibility in promotional collateral of city events, I added CityFOSS conferences instead of meetups. I feel that would be a better trade-off.

Half-yearly reports

A good record of the initiatives and activities every 6 months or maybe even 3 months - would help us evaluate. This could feature the usage of resources and impact generated.

We do prepare annual reports at the end of a fiscal year for documentation. Half yearly/quarterly reports could serve as simpler retro and evaluation of the activities on a periodic scale, for feedback and scope for betterment.